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Summer Camp


Camp Addisone Boyce Sessions Available

July 5-9: Zoologist Away - Cadettes

Do you ever wonder about the many different ways animals help us? This week, learn about the different relationships humans have with animals and how animals help us everyday while participating in other fun camp activities. Stop to go sloppy searching and learn about what you find!

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July 12-16: Pixie Poof - Cadettes

POOF! Magic is in the air. Join us this week and participate in the various outdoor activities CAB has to offer. Create your own magic at arts and crafts, enjoy the enchanting wonders of Lake Bullowa at boating and dive into all the fun at swimming. Let’s see what magical things happen this week!

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July 26-30: Professor Girl Scout - Cadettes

What a wonderful day to be a Girl Scout! This week your girl will learn about how they can empower themselves to be confident, independent, and truly powerful leaders. Whether you Cadette is a go-getter, innovator, a risk-taker, or a leader, there’s something this week just for her!

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All Sessions - Super Stars - Seniors

Our Super STARS sessions are a great way for older campers to take on more responsibility here at camp. Super STARS will embrace her leadership skills through tending to food prep, ensuring camp stays clean and healthy for all campers and staff and assisting in various activities throughout camp. This includes aiding staff and specialties, playing with younger campers, and help make camp run smoothly as possible. While still enjoying the CAB classics, they’ll be developing cooperation, leadership, and collaboration skills!

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Rock Hill Camp Sessions Available

7/7-7/9: RH Tidbits - 1st Year Brownies

Interested in going to sleepaway camp but aren't sure if you are ready yet? No problem! Come dip your toes into the sleepaway camp water with Rock Hill Camp Tidbits! With our 2-night, 3-day adventure you have the opportunity to experience all that sleepaway camp has to offer! Spend time swimming, boating, hiking, outdoor cooking and making one of a kind masterpieces down at arts & crafts! 

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7/7-7/23: CIT I - Age 16-17

This program will help guide you into becoming an excellent leader both in and out of camp. You will learn about camp philosophy, child development, safety and risk management, developing programs, camping skills, and how to have fun with children.

During your first week you will get to enjoy all that Rock Hill has to offer while learning some of what goes on behind the scenes. During the following two weeks you will get to help out in units and program areas leading songs and games. By the time you leave this session you will have planned and led your all camp activity, campfires and theme days for the whole camp!

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7/11-7/16 & 7/25-7/30: From Muggle to Magic - Brownie

Have you ever wondered if there was something special about you? Could you join Harry Potter at Hogwarts? Learn to transform from mere muggle into magic! Create your own magic wands & potions, & learn what it means to play fair with others by creating your own Quidditch teams! At the end of the week, you will compete in a Quidditch tournament to show you truly are the most magical of them all!

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7/11-7/16 & 7/25-7/30: Quidditch for Beginners - Junior

Is being on the Rock Hill Quidditch team calling your name? Are you a seeker, a chaser, a keeper or a beater? Come find out at Rock Hill this week and get ready for the first annual Rock Hill Quidditch tournament! While not at the Quidditch Pitch, you’ll participate in magical crafts, archery, boating, campfires, and all that Rock Hill has to offer!

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7/18-7/23: Snack-tastic - Brownie

Snacks, snacks, and MORE snacks! Give it your best shot in creating fun, crazy and healthy snacks during special challenges at Rock Hill Camp! Work together with your group to make small snacks. Learn about edible plants in the wild, and make healthy snacks that you can bring on all of your adventures! During your week, you’ll also be able to participate in arts & crafts, swimming, boating, open and closing campfire and much more!

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7/25-8/6: High Adventure 2.0 - Senior & Ambassador

Girls in this session will have a series of adventures both at Rock Hill and in the heart of the Hudson Valley! Previous outdoor camping experience is highly recommended.

Activities include hiking, backpacking, canoeing, high ropes, arts & crafts, and camping out in the wilderness. 

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7/25-7/30, 8/1-8/6, 8/8-8/13: CIT II - Age 16-17

If you started the summer in our C.I.T. program (or completed C.I.T. I last summer) and would like to spend a bit more time at Rock Hill, this is the perfect opportunity! You will help out with a group throughout the week, honing in on your counselor expertise while gaining valuable skills you will need to become a Junior Counselor!*C.I.T. I is a required prerequisite for C.I.T. II.

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8/1 - 8/6: Fairy Finders - Brownie

Get to know the infamous Fairies at Rock Hill Camp! Learn the tricks to search for signs of the fairies, build your own fairy houses, and create your own tutus while enjoying a fairy tea party. In between all the fairy fun, you’ll also experience all that Rock Hill has to offer!

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Join Us at Camp!

Our properties host camping and outdoor activities, which remain a favorite for girls at every age, as they have been throughout Girl Scout history. We offer summer day and resident camp programs. Prior Girl Scout membership is not required.

Year-round, girls can conquer our high ropes challenge courses and camp in cabins and tents, learn outdoor and survival skills, and discover nature. 

Learn more about our Summer Camps:

Camp Addisone Boyce Day Camp

Rock Hill Resident Camp


Need A Reason to Choose Girl Scout Camp?

Here Are Ten:

1. That Family Feeling. There’s nothing better than the feeling of community when a bunch of positive and friendly individuals comes together to have fun. Girl Scout camp fosters healthy relationships and creates lifelong friendships.

2. Safety. Safety. Safety. Did you know that Girl Scout safety standards are stricter than the Department of Health? At Girl Scout camp, we have a higher adult to girl ratios, well-trained staff, and stringent safety policies ensuring that no matter how much fun she’s having, it’ll be in the safest way possible.

3. Girl Led. Girl Choice. We want girls to have a voice. And that includes helping decide the week’s activities. At Girl Scout camp, campers help make decisions that affect the group, and are given a chance to help plan the week – so it’s all about them, and doing what makes them happiest.

4. Progressive Skill Building. Whether it’s swimming, boating, tying knots, or conquering the ropes course, we know girls learn at different paces. At Girl Scout camp, girls of all skill abilities will have the chance to challenge themselves and continue to master skills.

5. Gaining Courage; Promoting Confidence; Developing Character. Giving girls the courage they need to try new things, the confidence they need to feel good about themselves, and the character traits of a strong leader and community citizen.

6. Female Role Models. When we ask campers and parents to share their favorite aspects of Girl Scout camp, our staff always makes the list. Our counselors not only make camp fun and exciting but inspire the next generation of girls.

7. Earn badges. Is she currently a Girl Scout? Have her continue the Girl Scout experience throughout the summer, and come back to school in the fall with extra badges for her vest. Not a Girl Scout? That’s fine too, she can still show-off her new Archery badge with pride after shooting a bullseye.

8. Outdoor Focus. It’s so easy to get caught in the hustle of everyday life, girls need a chance to reconnect with the outdoors – look at the stars, tell stories around the campfire, wade through streams to see what lives there, run through open fields. Being outdoors and free to explore is a quintessential part of childhood.

9. Mixing it Up. She shouldn’t have to choose between STEM and fashion, archery and fishing, crafts and climbing. We know that girls have a wide variety of interests, and at Girl Scout camp, they get to try a little bit of everything.

10. It’s FUN! Singing around the campfire, roasting s’mores, boating, fishing, finding constellations, riding the zip line, camp-wide games, sharing stories in the tent – Girl Scout camp is all about new experiences and lasting memories. It’s an adventure she doesn’t want to miss.