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Rock Hill Camp

Rock Hill Camp

300 Wixon Pond Road
Mahopac, NY  10541

Rock Hill's 190 wooded acres provide the perfect setting for a variety of activities allowing you and your girls several different ways to enjoy being outdoors!  In addition to a lake for boating and swimming, there are hiking trails, an archery range, low, mid, and high ropes courses, a large game field, and plenty of program spaces for troop meetings, badge work, crafts, or games.

Rock Hill FAQs
What are the facilities like?
  • Rock Hill is located in Mahopac New York in Putnam County.  We have 190 acres of forest and lakefront.  We have both modern and rustic buildings and each camper will have access to showers and flush toilets.  Rock Hill offers boating (canoes, kayaks, and rowboats), swimming in the lake, high and low ropes, archery, arts and crafts lodge, and nature programming. 
  • Rock Hill hires about 35 staff each summer.  We have many returning staff each summer from local areas, across the US and even internationally.   
Where will my camper sleep?
  • Depending on the program session campers will sleep in either cabins or platform tents (this will be specified in the brochure). 
    • Our all-weather cabins have a bunk room with 8 bunk beds for the campers which are connected to a bathroom with shower and bathroom stalls.  On the other side of the bathroom is the counselor bunk room so that the staff may hear everything going on in the camper bunk room.
    • Platform tent units have about 8-10 tents around a picnic shelter, fire circle and bathhouse with shower and flushing bathroom stalls. Each tent has 4-5 beds inside, each with its own mosquito netting cover provided by the camp.  Staff sleep in a separate tent in the unit where they can see and hear all of the camper tents. 
What will my camper eat?
  • Rock Hill Camp provides food in the dining hall.  Each meal includes a hot meal served family style with fresh options at our salad bar. Staff members eat with campers at each table.  Our staff is trained to make sure that every camper eats a sufficient meal and are good about accommodating picky eaters.  If your camper has any allergies or dietary restrictions please include that on your health form so that we can inform the chefs ahead of time and they can make sure to have alternatives available when your camper arrives. 
  • Once a week campers will also have the opportunity to cook out on the campfire.  Girls vote on the menu and help with preparing, cooking, and serving this meal with their unit.   
Can I register my camper with a buddy?

Rock Hill Camp does not have a system in place for your camper to register with a buddy.  However, if they attend the same session then they will be together in the same group for each activity throughout the day.   If they are registered for a cabin program then by default they will also be sleeping in the same room as there is only one bunk room per program in the cabins. 

How do you keep parents informed about camp?
  • While your camper is at Rock Hill our Facebook (Rock Hill Camp-GSHH) and Instagram (RockHillCamp.gshh) pages are great resources to check for pictures and updates.
  • We will encourage your camper to write letters each day but please remember if you do not hear from her she is probably having fun with her friends during the downtime.
  • You may also call the camp and we will check on your camper for you and call you back later that day.
  • Rock Hill Camp parents may email their camper through the bunk notes system. If you email your camper we will print them out and distribute them each day.
Can my camper bring electronic devices/ cell phone to camp?

No, please do not allow your camper to bring any electronic devices to camp. There will be no way for your camper to properly store or charge any device in the woods.  If a cell phone, music player, etc. are brought to camp than camp staff will store it in the camp safe located in the office for the remainder of the session so that it can be safely returned on check out day.

Can I send snacks to camp?

Please do not send food or snacks to camp without checking with the office first as we have many campers with food allergies and diet restrictions.  If food is brought to camp and not stored properly (especially in the tent units) then it becomes an invitation for our forest friends to come into the sleeping areas. Once a friend has found food it becomes very difficult to keep them away for the rest of the season.