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Camp FAQ

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Do you provide refunds or cancellations or transfers?

GSHH camp sessions are only refundable 2 weeks before the session starts. After this time camp sessions are not refundable. All refunds will be deducted by the non-refundable deposit of $75.


GSHH will allow a single transfer from one session to another session if there are extenuating circumstances. Transfers must be requested through Member Care a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start date of the session. The new session you are requesting a transfer to must be determined at the time the request is made, or funds will be forfeited, we cannot hold credit for future use.

Early bird discounts are not transferrable, if full payment for a  camp session is received by 2/8 and you wish to transfer to another camp session, the remaining balance of the Early bird discount will be due.

Does my camper have to be an existing Girl Scout to attend summer camp?

All girls are welcome at our camps whether they are currently an active Girl Scout or not. By registering for camp you will also become a registered  Girl Scout. That means after an amazing summer you can continue to take advantage of membership benefits including attending our exclusive member-only events click here to see here our events.

Is financial assistance available?

Camperships are available for all Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Camps. To apply please fill out a campership application. Financial assistance will be awarded based on need and availability. Click here to apply.

Do you offer discounts for GSHH members?

Yes, current members of Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, Inc. (GSHH) are able to take advantage of our various discounts. We offer:

Early bird- register by 2/8 and save 10% up to $100

Multi-week- register for the full summer and your last week is free

Sibling- register a second child and save $50 per session, register three or more children and save $75 per session   

Discounts are for members only and the following programs are not eligible for any discounts:

  • CIT I
  • CIT II
  • Superstars

This includes early Bird, multi-week, and sibling.  

See the camp brochure for more details. 

What safety regulations do camps abide by?

All three of our camps meet and exceed the safety standards of the American Camp Association, local Health Departments and Girl Scouts of the USA. Included in these safety standards are the ratios of campers to staff. Each camp exceeds the supervision ratios below.

  • Daisy/Brownie: 1 adult staff to every 4 campers
  • Junior: 1 adult staff to every 6 campers
  • Cadette: 1 adult staff to every 8 campers
  • Seniors and above: 1 adult staff to every 10 campers
How does camp handle health concerns or medications?

Each camp has a Registered Nurse on staff either at the camp full time or on call with another medical staff member on camp at all times. Each camp has a staff member with them who is American Red Cross Responding to Emergencies and CPR certified. Any medications will be dispensed by the camp nurse and need to be brought to camp in the original container. Allergies or other medical concerns should be specified on the campers’ health forms and the parent will be contacted prior to the start of camp if we have any questions.

Will my camper swim?

Each camp provides an opportunity for swimming. Camp Addisone Boyce and Rock Hill Camp offer swim lessons facilitated by staff members who are American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors (or a comparable certification) as well as free swim sessions. Each camp has lifeguards on duty at all times during any swimming or water activity.

Can I register online?

We offer online registration through our website:

Do you take field trips?

Yes, Some program sessions will take out of camp trips and these will be indicated in the program description. If an out of camp trip is scheduled the parent will need to sign a permission slip with details about the trip.

How do you train your staff?

Each camp requires staff to attend at least a week of pre-camp staff training depending on their position. During this training staff learn risk management, safety procedures, camper development, appropriate games and activities, and protocols in addition to what will be expected of them in their particular roles. (ie. Lifeguards and ropes staff will learn safety protocols for the beach, pool or ropes course that they will be responsible for).

What are camp names?

Camp names are a long-standing Girl Scout tradition started by our founder Juliette Gordon Low whose camp name was Daisy. The use of camp names creates a more fun atmosphere and alleviates the awkwardness for the campers of not knowing whether to call their counselor by first name or “Ms.”



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