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Support and Resources for Rock Hill Families

Support for Rock Hill Families

Thank you all for your feedback regarding the news of Rock Hill Camp's cancellation. We heard from a number of people affected by this news, and we greatly appreciate your honesty and taking the time to speak with us about your needs and what we can provide to impacted families and members of GSHH. We understand the hurt, disruption, and discombobulation this is causing you and the disappointment felt by your Girl Scouts. 

Many of you have indicated that you need help in locating an alternate resident camp. We have compiled a list of the Girl Scout Resident Camps in the tri-state area. You will see notes regarding the camp's status and availability for those that we've been able to make contact with and we will continue to update as we have more information. Please note that we are unable to hold spots at non-GSHH camps, but many camps that we have spoken with understand the situation and will do their best to work our families.

To best serve your individual needs and to make sure we are assist everyone who needs help in identifying and registering at a new camp, please fill out this form. We will be reviewing your responses as they are received and will be reaching out individually to best assist you during this time.