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GSHH Camp Testimonials

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"My favorite camp activity is ropes, a combination of teamwork, communication, tree topping, and challenging yourself. My favorite ropes activity is zip lining because it feels like you're flying. If you're lucky, can even zip at night with glow sticks lighting up the course." - Stephanie, grade 10

"I love camp because it is really fun and we get to try fun new things. At camp it's really friendly and it's a joy to be around your's a very happy place to be. The counselors are all very fun and nice. They help out a lot and help us to all be better GirlScout." - Kailyn, grade 4

"I know exactly where she'll be every summer until college. And then maybe beyond that. I know parents struggle with where their kids will be. I don't have to worry about that. Mine will be at camp." - Cathy mom of a Cadette camper.

"Girl Scout Camp teaches them to be more responsible for themselves. It gives her a sense of self-esteem and pride. It's nice for her to have a chance to be outside all day." - Cate, mom of a Brownie camper

"I really liked the crafts. We did tie-dye shirts and lanyards. I really really want to catch a fish this summer. I love swimming. Last year was my first time in a lake" - Isabella, age 7

"When I was very young I barely spoke to anyone. I was known as the kid who never smiled... but then I went to camp! For the first time I tried to make friends and have fun, and I DID. Camp saved my heart and taught me how to sing, how to laugh, how to speak, how to love everything. So each year, I come back to this camp, and I smile" - Rainbow, longtime camper, now staff

"This will be my daughter's 5th year at CAB. We originally signed her up because I'm a single parent and I work full time and all the other day camps felt like day care... I was nervous that first year because she was young, but she absolutely LOVED it. She's not a super outdoors-y kid, so I was surprised. Now I sign her up for the full 6 weeks every summer." - Cathy, mom of a Cadette camper

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I love Rock Hill Camp because…

  • you can be yourself
  • I can meet new people and learn more about them
  • it's easy to make new friends
  • you can meet new people, eat great foods, and have fun at great activities
  • I like making new friends and singing songs by the campfire
  • fun activities and nice counselors

My favorite part of Rock Hill Camp was…

  • learning how to swim
  • making new friends and having new experiences
  • making friendships I will never forget
  • learning how to rowboat
  • how all the counselors were so nice!
  • being myself