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Camp Addisone Boyce

Rock Hill Camp

30 Mott Farm Road
Tomkins Cove, NY 10986

Camp Addisone Boyce (CAB) is the perfect place to get back to nature. CAB boasts a large lake which can be used for pond studies, boating, swimming, frog counts, and fishing. This camp also has multiple trails for hiking, a low ropes course, a large game field, and outdoor program spaces.

Look out for CAB bus routes

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Times will be released as soon as they are confirmed by the bus company. 

Pre-Order CAB Camp Merchandise!

Click here to pre-order camp essential items! Order a Trading Post Gift Card to purchase more fun items and camp essentials available at Camp Addisone Boyce. Pre-ordered items will be available on the first Monday of your camp session. 

Camp Addisone Boyce FAQs
What are the hours of operation of camp?

Monday through Friday, 8:15 AM-4:00 PM.

What does my daughter need to bring to camp?

Your daughter will carry her bag with her all day, so be careful not to over pack.  Every day she will need to bring a reusable water bottle, lunch, swimsuit, towel, water shoes (not flip-flops), close-toed shoes, sunscreen, and bug spray.  Camp runs rain or shine so please check the weather and send your daughter to camp with appropriate attire.  

Will my daughter be in the same unit as her troop?

Possibly, our unit sizes are small and sometimes whole troops cannot be placed in the same unit. Our staff members work very hard to make sure everyone has a buddy and will help shyer campers who may need assistance in making new friends.

One Week programs vs Two Week programs

The 4th and 5th-grade one week and the 4th and 5th-grade two-week programs are two separate programs; the girls will be in different units and have different activity schedules.  6th-8th-grade one week and two-week programs are also separate.

Snacks and Birthday foods

If you would like to send in treats for your camper’s unit please contact the camp first. We can give you correct numbers of girls/counselors in the unit as well as information about any food allergies or dietary restrictions. 

Campfires and Overnights

We’ve changed the way we do overnights. Juniors will no longer be eligible for the weekly overnights.  Instead, we have decided that ALL campers in 4th & 5th-grade sessions are eligible for the weekly campfire, with a pickup time of 9:00 PM.  This includes a cookout for dinner.  We wanted to open the campfire to as many of our campers as possible. 

Girls 6th grade and up have optional overnights each Thursday . Please note that girls in Camp Aides & CIT’s may also stay overnight on Thursday.  There is a late night pick up option after campfire at 9:00 PM.

Why does my daughter’s counselor have a “camp name”?

All staff will select a “camp name.” This is a tradition dating back to the beginning of camping in Girl Scouts. We use camp names for several reasons. A camp counselor guides your camper in a gentle manner, and her camp name helps distinguish her from a teacher, parent or another authority figure. Camp names add to the magic of Girl Scout camp that has been passed down for generations. Please don’t be surprised when camp staff members introduce themselves as “Chuckles” or “Disney.” Be assured, the Camp Director (Tiger) knows everyone’s real names. If you need to know, you can simply ask. 


Camp at a Glance

2022 Camp Sessions 

Brownies (Entering Grades 2-3)
Week 1 - July 5-8

A.R.T. at CAB! - $300 

Let your campers release their inner artist as they explore different mediums from acrylic paints to natural dyes! Discover all the different ways art, crafts, and camp can come together. They will draw inspiration from nature at CAB, brush up on their skills at Arts and Crafts, and create project that let them express who they are. 

Week 2 - July 11-15

Inventors! - $375 

Brownies will explore their STEM side and become inventors! Your camper's ideas will shine bright as they invent different ways to have fun at camp, stay cool during the summer, and protect our natural resources. The brownies will craft new ideas, make new friends, explore the outdoors, and dream up a world of new possibilities!

Week 3 - July 18-22

A World of Snacks - $375

Snacks help us fuel up for the day ahead and are lots of fun to make here at CAB! From trail mix to tacos in a bag to foil sundaes, there are so many camp snacks for your camper to enjoy with their friends. Learn lots about camp cooking traditions while enjoying everything else camp has to offer from fishing to swimming to archery and ropes. 

Week 4 - July 25-29

Water, Water, Everywhere - $375

LOVE Water, SAVE Water, SHARE Water. Through their take-action project, brownies will learn how water connects us all and how they can create waves of lasting influence. This week your campers will connect with all the wonder of water, from boating and swimming in the lake to splashing around in the pool! 

Week 5 - August 1-5

Adventure Girl Scouts! - $375 

Explore every adventure camp has to offer this week! Campers will hike the Ab trail and learn outdoor camping skills. Trying new things and challenging themselves on our ropes course will enable campers to gain confidence and motivate them to try, try again - all with a great, big Brownie smile! What adventure will be your favorite? 

Week 6 - August 8-12

Games Galore! $375

Campers will build on teamwork and friendships by staying happy and healthy doing the things they love. There are lots of opportunities to keep active at camp from dancing before flag to paddling in the lake to brushing up on your swim skills. Brownies will be in for a fun filled week with different games every day from Volleyball to Capture the Flag!

Juniors (Entering Grades 4-5)

One Week Sessions

Week 1 - July 5-8

Painting Like Picasso - $300 

Your camper will explore their creativity by learning drawing techniques, graphic artistry, and shading. Juniors can draw inspiration by participating in various camp activities such as boating, nature, and ropes! We know this week your camper will come home with a masterpiece you can proudly display on your fridge. Let the world be your guide and get creative! 

Week 2 - July 11-15 SOLD OUT


Camp Detectives - $375 

This week is all about solving mysteries and challenging yourself to use your deductive reasoning skills! Juniors will learn about the science behind fingerprints, code-breaking, and Chromatography. While they sharpen their Detective skills, they will also get to explore the world of adventures here at CAB from team building at ropes to brushing up on their paddling skills at boating. 

Week 3 - July 18-22

Whip it Up! - $375

Grab your chef’s hat and aprons - it’s time to start cooking! This week we are getting creative in the kitchen and over the campfire, cooking up some snacktastic treats and eats. Your camper will be coming home with a ton of new recipes, cooking tips and skills, and memories after this week. 

Week 4 - July 25-29

Splashtastic! - $375 

It’s heating up here at CAB, which means it’s time for some water fun! Your camper will improve on their swimming skills, get to PFD jump in Lake Bullowa and paddle around in a canoe with her friends - water games and skills are our highlights this week. Juniors will enjoy camp activities with a refreshing aquatic twist! 

Week 5 - August 1-5

Adventure Challenge - $375 

A chance to reconnect with nature and try new things - we have it all at CAB! This week campers can choose to challenge themselves on our ropes course at camp or by having a fun canoe race with their fellow campers. Juniors will get to hike the AB trail and explore parts of the camp they have never seen before. From Robin’s Garden to Mt. Marines, there are so many new places to explore!

Week 6 - August 8-12

Get Moving! - $375

It’s an action-packed week here at CAB! Get pumped for our color wars challenges all week by showing your team spirit. Campers will get to create team chants and banners during our color wars opening ceremony and then continue to root for, and earn points for, their teams all week! Staying active, motivated, and encouraging have never been so fun! 

Two Week Sessions

Weeks 1 & 2 - July 5-15

The ART of Science - $745 

CAB is a great place for campers to explore both their scientific and artistic sides. Start off by learning about animal habitats at camp and how they can conserve them. Then, it’s time to channel your inner artist and get inspired by the outdoors. Juniors will explore intersections between art and nature throughout their journey at CAB. 

Weeks 3 & 4 - July 18-29

Wet & Wild Adventures - $820 

It's all about fun in the sun here at CAB! Whether it's swimming in the pool, boating on the lake, PFD jumping, or playing water games in canoes, CAB has it all. These two wieeks will be full of splashing, laughing, and fun memories to last until next summer! 

Weeks 5 & 6 August 1-12

Sister Strength! - $820 

Juniors are ending the summer on a high note, getting active and supporting each other at camp! Challenge yourself and teammates through fun and engaging activities for our Color Wars week. Different games and activities allow campers a chance to earn their team points, and root for other all week long!

Cadettes (Entering Grades 6-8)

One Week Sessions

Week 1 - July 5-8

Colors of the Wind - $300 

 Jump into the world of comic artistry and graphic art! Create story-lines and illustrations based on your adventures at camp and let nature help your art come to life! In between sketching and crafting, take time to enjoy all the other unique activities that camp has to offer. 

Week 2 - July 11-15

Investigate - $375 

Explore crime scene science: learn how to investigate fingerprints, read body language, and detect deception, and all about Chromatography. Throughout the week the campers will work together as a team to solve mysteries and become special agents at CAB.  

Week 3 - July 18-22

Bake Away the Day - $375 

From s’mores to Tex Mex to Solar Nachos, your camper is bound to find these CAB classics delicious! Roasting marshmallows over an open fire or using a Dutch oven to make some mac & cheese, Cadettes will learn new and innovative ways to cook. After fueling up of food, campers will be ready to jump into any and all activities. 

Week 4 - July 25-29

Making Waves - $375 

Make friends, make memories, make waves! Paddle away into adventure by heading over to Rock Hill for a Canoe Regatta. Explore your home away from home by getting acquainted with all the water activities we have at CAB. Cadettes will explore Lake Bullowa by boat and brush up on their swimming strokes up at the pool!

Week 5 - August 1-5

Time for High Adventure! - $375

Adventure awaits you at CAB! Challenge yourself on hiking trails, and on the ropes courses, both high and low, learning outdoor and survival skills of all sorts. Your camper will gain new skills and memories to last a lifetime, having fun, creating, and working together!

Week 6 - August 8-12

Gamer Gals - $375 

Ready, set, go! It’s an action packed week here at CAB. Cadettes are in for a special treat as they get ready for Color Wars: a week-long celebration and camp wide competition. Boating races, Gaga Ball tournaments, and more await the campers during week six!

Two Week Sessions

Weeks 1 & 2 - July 5-15

STEAM Supreme! - $745 

 Science and art combine in this two week session for Cadettes! Channel your inner artist by designing art using the nature that surrounds camp. Then dive into the world of environmental science by learning all about animal conservation and the power of trees! 

Weeks 3 & 4 - July 18-29

A Boat-Load of Fun - $820 

Join us for some row-boat rattling fun here during the CAB Water Regatta. This session, campers will live up each day making camp food and making camp fun! Cadettes will get to experience the wonders of boating, and have fun in the sun while staying cool at the pool. Join us during our wet and wild session to become a true CAB captain! 

Weeks 5 & 6 August 1-12

Trailblazers - $820 

Blaze the hiking trail with your fellow campers this week while staying cool in the pool! Challenge yourself and your team to knowledge and outdoor skills tests. Compete to win in various camp games and activities. Then, take some time out of your day to do fun traditional camp activities such as boating, archery, and arts & crafts! 

Senior (Entering Grades 9-10)

Two Week Sessions

Super STARS 

Session 1: July 5-15 - $300

Session 2: July 18-29 - $395

Session 3: August 1-12 - $395

Super STARs is a great way for older campers to take on more responsibility here at CAB! Camp aides will embrace their leadership skills through tending to food prep, ensuring camp stays clean and healthy for everyone, and assisting in various activities throughout camp, whether it’s running all camp stations or working on projects to better camp. They’ll be developing leadership skills while still enjoying the activities CAB has to offer! 

Ambassador (Entering Grades 11-12)

Two Week Sessions

Super STARS 

Session 1: July 5-15 - $300

Session 2: July 18-29 - $395

Session 3: August 1-12 - $395 

: Super STARs is a great way for older campers to take on more responsibility here at CAB! Camp aides will embrace their leadership skills through tending to food prep, ensuring camp stays clean and healthy for everyone, and assisting in various activities throughout camp, whether it’s running all camp stations or working on projects to better camp. They’ll be developing leadership skills while still enjoying the activities CAB has to offer! 

CIT Program
Weeks 1-3 July 5-22

CIT I - $900 

Our CIT program is designed for our oldest campers who are interested in becoming a camp counselor and helping them embrace their leadership skills. THIS IS A THREE WEEK PROGRAM. CITs will get hands-on experience with child development , camper supervision, first aid, and camp programming. This program also works on communication, cooperation, and teamwork. By the end of the program, CITs will have experience assisting units and specialties.

Weeks 4, 5, & 6 - July 25-29, August 1-5, & August 8-12

CIT II - $300

Session 1 - 7/25-7/29

Session 2 - 8/1-8/5

Session 3 - 8/8-8/12

After CITs complete the first part of the training, they may choose between one, two, or three weeks in CIT II. The CIT II program provides more hands-on opportunities for honing the camp counselor skills they have developed over the summer. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with your friends and enjoy the camp experience! 

Girls can attend one, two, or all three CIT II sessions.