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Brand Resources

Girl Scouts have so many wow-worthy stories to share!

EVERYONE in Girl Scouting has a role in protecting our name, our image, and our brand.

Your actions, words, social media posts, recruitments, and events represent you, your service unit, your council, and the larger Girl Scout movement. Whether you’re talking about Girl Scouts with your friends, wearing a GS shirt in public, or sharing photos of your troop on Facebook, you are all walking talking representations of what it means to be a Girl Scout and what this organization is and does.

Here are some resources to help you connect with local media and share how Girl Scouts are taking action in the Hudson Valley.

Girl Scout Research Institute Research
When Do I need a Licensed Vendor for Merchandise?

Licensed Vendors must be used when merchandise is:

a.  For resale / profit

b.  To be given away at fee-based events or activities, including camp.

All promotional and marketing materials, products, and designs—both in print and online—must be GSUSA approved.

To utilize a licensed vendor, please send your info to Eileen at

When Can I Use a Non-Licensed Vendor for Merchandise?

Registered Girl Scouts can use non-licensed vendors for printing or creation when merchandise is

a. Not for resale / profit

b. Not involving fee-based activities, including camp

c. For internal/staff needs, recruitment, promotions, program materials, gifts, awards, or recognitions. 

d. For troop/group/service units and purchased with group funds and given to every member at no cost.

Troop are free to use the logos as specifed below.

SU or Troop Website

While your local Girl Scout council (Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson) has its own website, some Service Units within our council's jurisdiction choose to have websites of their own as well. If creating one, please adhere to these guidelines:

  • Include the GS Mission, Law, and Promise
  • Link to the GSHH Website
  • The Logo / Service Mark can be used with permission from council. E-mail once your site is set up for review.
  • To use images of official insignia (including badges), e-mail 
  • Adhere to the Girl Scout Color Scheme


Creating Flyers / Handouts / Business Cards

Materials printed at home for the troop or Service Unit, or advertising a local event, can utilize the Girl Scout logo, service mark, trefoil, and other brand content without prior approval.

Any materials created for public consumption - such as a newspaper ad - must first be approved by the GSHH MarComm Department.

These recruitment flyers (1, 2, 3) are editable and can be used by all. Please do not change the images, colors, logos, or fonts. Additionally, please feel free to utilise the DNA of a G.I.R.L. If you require additional assistance with a recruitment flyer please contact your Recruitment Manager or Customer Care. In order to have a recruitment flyer printed in large quantities, please put in your request at least 2 weeks before the date needed.

If you are printing them yourself, either print in color or in black and white on brightly colored paper.

Here is an editable template for business cards. Please add as much or as little personal or SU info to the card as you deem necessary. If you are having the cards printed by VistaPrint or another online source, here is an image file that fits requirements.

Facebook and Other Social Media


  • Follow GSHH on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Share GSUSA and GSHH posts on your own personal pages / accounts or in your groups
  • Share photos and stories of your girls (with photo release permission)
  • Talk about your own GS Experience
  • Join groups for your Service Unit
  • Use Social Media to connect with the parents in your troops
  • Promote your FPS and Cookie Sale
  • Use as a resource to gather ideas, connect with volunteers across the country, and get feedback


  • Believe everything you hear; double check your sources and ask if you have questions
  • Share personal information about yourself or your girls including addresses or meeting locations (unless it's in a closed private group)
  • Complain about a girl, troop, volunteer, or service unit problems where the world can see them
  • Include girl’s last names in posts
  • Air troop and SU problems for the world to see; complain about your parents or girls
How do I use the Council Logo / GS Logo?
  • The logo should appear on every flyer, letter, or product that communicates about Girl Scouts.
  • It must appear in the upper left-hand corner of a document.
  • Margin and/or clearance area around the service mark is determined by the height of the “g” in the service mark itself.
  • Never change the configuration of the Girl Scout or council logo. 
  • The text portion should never be separated from the profiles.
  • Profiles should always be kept green, unless printing in B&W, in which case the mark is black on a white background.
Writing Letters


  • Have the girls write their own letters 
  • Deliver in person, in uniform, when possible
  • Explain what Girl Scouting, or the Bronze/Silver/Gold Award is as necessary
  • Write in first person and use an active voice
  • Double check for spelling and grammar errors
  • Get permission from Communications or Fund Development Department before using council's name and/or any GS logos. Letterhead can be provided upon request.


  • Use overly formal language
  • Ask for donations without approval from Fund Development
  • Ask for troop donations for anything other than a Higher Award

Please note: Girls should never be directly soliciting for funds; that’s contrary to NY State Law. If they are asking for donations for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award project, they should do so in person whenever possible, and bring someone over the age of 18 with them. They should get permission from our Fund Development dept. before doing this.

What Font Should I use?
  • Always use Arial as the font on all Girl Scout communications/flyers/products.
  • The Arial font includes Arial, Arial Rounded MT Bold, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, and Arial Unicode MS
What About Colors?
  • Green, black, and white should always be used as the predominant colors.
  • Girl Scout green is Hex #00ae58 or r0, g174, b88
  • In addition, age-level colors can also be used:

Daisy (blue)--c80 m10 y0 k0           
Brownie (brown)--c0 m60 y100 k65           
Junior (purple)--c53 m100 y0 k0           
Cadette (red)-- c0 m98 y85 k7           
Senior (orange)--c0 m70 y100 k0           
Ambassador (yellow-orange)--c0 m40 y100 k0           
Volunteers (gray)--c0 m0 y0 k30

What is the Best Way to Write About Girl Scouts?
  • Always use “Girl Scouts”—never “Scouts.”
  • Begin each level of Girl Scouts with “Girl Scout”-i.e., Girl Scout Daisy, Girl Scout Brownie, etc.
  • Girl Scouts as an organization, is always singular, i.e., “Girl Scouts is the leading expert on girls’ healthy development.”
  • In talking about Girl Scout members, you can use a plural, i.e., “Girl Scouts in Dutchess County are selling cookies….” 
Servicemarks and Trefoils for Your Use
gshh logo
logo profile
gs logo in trefoil
blank trefoil
PowerPoint Templates
Image Safety Guidelines

In order to keep girls safe, it's important to know whether or not you have permission to use images of our Girl Scouts! Most currently registered Girl Scouts and girls who have registered for staff-led Girl Scout events give permission to use images taken at Girl Scout activities to promote Girl Scouting. However, always be sure to check with troop leaders and parents in attendance.

If you are inviting a news reporter or videographer to your meeting / event, please make sure that all those who are in attendace are aware of their presence.

When non-Girl Scouts are invited to a private event, please be sure to get guardian consent before taking pictures of minors. 

These resources are available to leaders, Service Unit Teams, and current Girl Scouts in the Heart of the Hudson territory. All users must be currently regsitered and in good standing with the council. Failure to follow guidelines will limit permissions granted. 

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson reserves the right to update these policies on an on-going basis without prior notification.