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Councils' Own Patches

There is a difference between badges and patches.  Badges are awards girls earn by completing skill-building activities.  There are level-appropriate badges in each Journey book and Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

Patches are badge supplements offered by GSHH for additional adventures not offered by GSUSA.  Specific requirements must be completed to earn these patches.  Find a new adventure created for you by GSHH.  Check out the list of Council’s Own Patches below.

(NOTE: Patches are to be worn on the back of vests or sashes, while badges are worn on the front.)


GrnBlt.png Adventure Patch: Low Ropes, High Ropes and Rock Climbing – if    the thought of exploring these adventure sports gets your heart beating, this is the patch for you! These activities are fun and exciting and encourage teamwork and communication..

GrnBlt.png Archery  Patch: Learn your way around a bow and arrow and an archery range as you learn the science, safety, and skills it takes to be a great archer.

GrnBlt.png Camping Patch: Connect with other Girl Scouts as you learn and practice proper camping techniques.

GrnBlt.png Computer Savvy Patch: Are you interested in finding out what you can create with the various software on your computer? Make brochures, logos, spreadsheets and PSAs, explore the meaning of different URLs, and think about turning your knowledge into a career.

GrnBlt.png Eastern Bluebird Project Patch: Learn about the eastern bluebird and why it needs our help. Become part of the success story by building birdhouses.

GrnBlt.png Food  Patch: Connect to your community as you gain an understanding of how hunger affects individuals and families where you live. Take action to help ease the effects of hunger.

GrnBlt.png Food Science Patch: Become a kitchen expert as you test the items you eat and drink. Explore fermentation, mold, body temperature, fat content, caffeine or flammability. Test your culinary skills, try new foods, and become knowledgeable about the hows and whys of food creation and processing.

GrnBlt.png Horse Lover: Back by popular demand, this patch has you interacting with one of our favorite animals. Learn to care for and work with horses while looking at different stories, careers, techniques, and equipment.

GrnBlt.png I Can Code Patch: This introduction to computer programming will walk you through the basics of game and website coding as well as app development. Try your hand at HTML, practice giving instructions to a robot, learn about animation, and explore the behind-the-scenes of online gaming.

GrnBlt.pngHealthy Me Patch — Heart Healthy: Girls gain practical life skills as they discover and practice heart-healthy living.

GrnBlt.pngHealthy Me Patch—I’m Special (for Brownies and Juniors): Helps girls to discover more about themselves, connect with others and feel empowered to take action to make the world a better place.

GrnBlt.pngHealthy Me Patch—Sun Safe: Discover how to keep yourself safe and healthy in the sun, connect to each other and community members, and feel empowered to educate others regarding sun safety.

GrnBlt.pngHeritage Patch: Girls will not only develop important life skills -- such as information gathering, critical thinking and interviewing -- but will also connect with their community’s history and area residents.

GrnBlt.png Hudson River Arts Patch: Enhance awareness of the artistic and cultural heritage of our area while encouraging participation in the visual, performing, and literary arts.

GrnBlt.pngOur Future on Earth: Help your girls understand how they can make a difference for a safer, healthier planet. Help promote ecological awareness.

GrnBlt.png Robotics, Engines & Machines Patch: Test your knowledge and creativity as you tackle the world of robots, programming, and engineering. See computer technology come to life at your fingertips.

GrnBlt.png Swim Patch: Whether it’s your first time at the pool or you’re a competitive swimmer, take to the water to learn water safety, practice strokes, learn a water game, and improve your skills in and around the water.

GrnBlt.pngSybil Ludington Patch: Girls learn about one of the strong women from Hudson Valley history while becoming strong women themselves; gain historical insight and act for the good of the community.

GrnBlt.pngTogether We Prepare patch: Help girls, their families and communities become better prepared for unpredictable events.

GrnBlt.pngTree Patch (for Juniors): Feel connected to your community and gain an appreciation for trees. You will discover practical life skills such as interviewing and information gathering.

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