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Girl Scouts Meet Rockland Assemblywoman

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January 28, 2013

Girl Scouts Meet Rockland Assemblywoman
By Tori Tanner


FGTF Assemb Jaffe.jpgThe Girl Scout’s Heart of the   Hudson Forever Green Task Force has a surprise visit from District 97’s Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee at the group’s final meeting prior to their trip abroad. The assemblywoman surprised the girls when she arrived at the New City office while the girls and their parents were having an informational meeting regarding the Task Force’s trip to Wales and London in February. 

The Forever Green Task Force is comprised of 14 girls from across the Heart of the Hudson district. This district includes Rockland, Ulster, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, and Sullivan counties. Assemblywoman Jaffee represents Rockland County, in which four of the girls reside. The other girls are from the other areas that make up the “Heart of the Hudson.” 

Assemblywoman Jaffee explained to the girls that their experiences working with one another and their future experience in the UK will greatly benefit them in the future. She explained that their work is similar to that of politicians in which people gather over a common idea and hope to spread the idea. Each of the girls took a turn explaining different things that connect them to the task force. Some girls explained why she joined the group, some explained the different activities the task force has hosted, and others explained the international aspect of the group. Assemblywoman Jaffee was delighted to hear from the girls and stressed to them that this experience is the starting line in most professions. 

As an assembly member who has worked on environmental legislation, Assemblywoman Jaffee supports what the girls have been working on. She explained that much of what the girls have done since joining the group is what she has worked on in Albany; it’s all about sharing knowledge and meeting with a group of people over a common passion.  

Assemblywoman Jaffee ended her time with the group by presenting the four girls from Rockland with a Certificate of Merit from the New York State Assembly for their selection to participate in an international environmental initiative. 

The Forever Green Task Force will be traveling to Swansea, Wales on February 15th to meet with a group of girl guides to learn and teach about the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) and recycling plants. The task force has been sponsored by ALCOA and is the first Girl Scout Heart of the Hudson Forever Green Task Force in existence. The girls will be spending time in London as well while in the United Kingdom.


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