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Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Get a Makeover

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October 2, 2012

The new boxes will feature the entrepreneurship and business literacy skills that Girl Scouts --a $790 million business-- aims to teach its members.

The new boxes will feature girls kayaking, working in a park and speaking at scout events, among other activities .

“The final package design captures moments that show the power of girls working together as they engage in activities like greening a park, volunteering at a soup kitchen, and traveling to Paris,” the press release says.“We have more than 50 million cookie customers across the country, and the cookie box is the most tangible and powerful way for us to communicate directly with consumers,” said Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA.Girl Scouts of the USA, which celebrated its 100th birthday in March 2012, has 3.2 million members.

Girl Scout cookie season typically runs from October to May.


* Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Cookie sale begins on February 15th!

For photos of the new packaging click here!


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