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Housewarming for the Homeless

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July 30, 2012

As  Michaela O’Connell earned her Gold Award, the a sophomore at Croton Harmon High School in Croton, NY, came up with a project to help the residents of Susan's Place.  Her project, entitled  “Housewarming for the Homeless," will equip residents with a box of items to furnish their new apartment when they move into permanent housing.

Michaela is a member of Croton Senior Girl Scout Troop 1234 which is part of the Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson.  Led by Troop Leaders Regina Hertl, Stacey Herron and Susan Vierczhalek, she visited Susan's Place for focus groups with residents to discover what items were needed when they move into their own apartments.

Michaela rallied her community to gather the desired household goods. She then recruited residents of Susan's Place to help her sort through sheets, towels, pillows, laundry detergent and kitchen items. The items were packed into a "house warming box," ready for residents as they move into permanent housing.

Click here for more information and photos.


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