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Make New Time Capsules But Keep The Old...

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May 21, 2012

Tarrytown - The search for the 25-year-old time capsule buried somewhere near the tree the Girl Scouts once planted in Patriot's Park was, luckily, successful.

Pat Evans, active area leader for those decades, was the one responsible for that capsule and explained the contents (photos, merit badges, whistle) for the crowd gathered for the big reveal.

Girl Scouting in the Tarrytowns is as alive as ever, with 23 troops between our villages. Many of these girls and their families were there for the Centennial Celebration on a perfect Saturday on the Broadway side of the park.

The troops sang songs any former scout might recognize ("Taps," "Make New Friends," and more) and they contributed their own items to a new time capsule that would be buried for the next big event with new generations of girl scouts. Former Gold Scouts stood up (an honor comparable to the Boy Scouts' Eagles), and former leaders/scouts from the area raised their hands.

Then it was indoors to the third floor hall of Warner Library for a huge sheet cake, lemonade and tea, perusing old scouting handbooks and artifacts, and crafting big "100" necklaces.

Happy Birthday!

Please click here for photos of the days festivities!


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