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GSHH Camp Testimonials

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"I know exactly where she'll be every summer until college. And then maybe beyond that. I know parents struggle with where their kids will be. I don't have to worry about that. Mine will be at camp." - mom of a Junior camper.

"I get to be myself with friends who say 'oh, I want to be myself too.' ... I definitely love fishing and nature. What keeps me coming back is that I'm outside, and everyone is super nice." -Annabelle, age 15

"Girl Scout Camp teaches them to be more responsible for themselves. It gives her a sense of self-esteem and pride. It's nice for her to have a chance to be outside all day." - Cate, mom of a Brownie camper

"I really liked the crafts. We did tie-dye shirts and lanyards. I really really want to catch a fish this summer. I love swimming. Last year was my first time in a lake" - Isabella, age 7

She loves the counselors - the names and how they make it fun. It's exciting to be around them. They're great role models; she talks about them a lot. She also loves loves LOVES archery. Girl Scout camp is a great experience and you can't go wrong." - Cathy, mom of a Cadette camper


"When I was very young I barely spoke to anyone. I was known as the kid who never smiled... but then I went to camp! For the first time I tried to make friends and have fun, and I DID. Camp saved my heart and taught me how to sing, how to laugh, how to speak, how to love everything. So each year, I come back to this camp, and I smile" - Rainbow, longtime camper, now staff

"It's a lot of fun, and since it's Girl Scouts I earn badges as well" - Sarah Renee, age 11

"This will be my daughter's 5th year at CAB. We originally signed her up because I'm a single parent and I work full time and all the other day camps felt like day care... I was nervous that first year because she was young, but she absolutely LOVED it. She's not a super outdoors-y kid, so I was surprised. Now I sign her up for the full 6 weeks every summer." - Cathy, mom of a Cadette camper

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I love Rock Hill Camp because…

  • you can be yourself
  • I can meet new people and learn more about them
  • it's easy to make new friends
  • you can meet new people, eat great foods, and have fun at great activities
  • I like making new friends and singing songs by the campfire
  • fun activities and nice counselors

My favorite part of Rock Hill Camp 2016 was…

  • learning how to swim
  • making new friends and having new experiences
  • making friendships I will never forget
  • learning how to rowboat
  • how all the counselors were so nice!
  • being myself