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2009-2010 Annual Report
2009-2010 Annual Report

2010-2011 GSHH Annual Report

2011-2012 GSHH Annual Report

2013 2014 Add A Member

2013-2014 Annual Giving Brochure

2013-2014 Annual Giving Campaign Talking Points

2013-2014 Annual Giving Campaign Timeline

2013-2014 Annual Giving Frequently Asked Questions

2013-2014 Annual Giving Local Business Campaign Letter

2013-2014 Annual Giving Service Unit Bookkeeping Form

2013-2014 Annual Giving Service Unit Instruction Booklet

2013-2014 Annual Giving Troop Reporting Summary

2013-2014 Family Giving Parent to Parent Letter

2014 New Camp Staff Employment Application

2014 Alcoa Scholarship Application

2014 Awards & Recognitions Booklet

2014 Camp Application Spanish

2014 Camp Brochure

2014 Connections Combined

2014 Cookie Parent Guide

2014 Cookie Sale Permission Slip

2014 Cookie Troop Guide

2014 CPL Journal Ad & Sponsorship Form

2014 National Council Delegate Application Manual Submission

2014 Service Unit Annual Financial Report

2014 Service Unit Camping Application

2014 Service Unit Journal Ad Form

2014 Summer Camp Application English

2014 Tribute to Women of Achievement Application

2014 Tribute to Women of Achievement Journal Ad

2014 Tribute to Women of Achievement Sponsorship Form

2014 Troop Camping Application

2014 Troop Financial Report

Accident Incident Report

ACH Authorization Form for Troop Accounts

ACH Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Health History 2013

Adult Learning Opportunities Fall 2013

Alcoa Chuck McLane Scholarship Information

All District Meeting Notes January 2014

Appreciation and Honor Criteria and Forms

April 2012 Currents

April 2013 Currents

April 2013 Regional Agenda

April, 2014 Currents

Asthma Form
Must be completed for campers who suffer from Asthma.

August 2013 Currents

August, 2012 Currents

Bank Account Information Revised 02-2014

Bronze Award Guide for Adults - Spanish

Bronze Award Workbook

Bronze Award Workbook - Spanish

Bronze Award Workbook Adults

Business Certificate Forms

Camp Addisone Boyce Map

Camp Addisone Boyce New Camp Staff Application

Camp Addisone Boyce Returning Camp Staff Application

Camp Birch Ridge Map

Camp Ludington Map

Camp Rock Hill Map

Camp Wendy Map

Camporee Participant FAQ's

Cookie Credit Card Form

Council Agenda December, 2013

Council Agenda January, 2014

Council Agenda November, 2013

Council Agenda October, 2013

Council Agenda September, 2013

Council Map

Currents May 2013

December 2012 Regional Meeting Agenda

December 2012 Council Agenda

December 2012 Regional Meeting Agenda with Meeting notes

December 2013/January 2014 Currents

December, 2012 Currents

Delegate District Meeting Notes; Fall 2012
Notes from the Fall, 2012 District delegate meetings.

Delegate Position 2013-2016

Delegate Position Description and Responsibilities

Delegate-Alternate Delegate Profile 2013-2016

District All Delegate Meeting Notes February 2013

Door Hanger!
Sorry I missed you....

February 2012, Currents

February 2013 Council Agenda

February 2013 Regional Meeting Agenda

February 2013 Regional Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes

February 2014 Council Agenda

February, 2013 Currents

February, 2014 Currents

Financial Partnership

FPS Spread the Word Bus Cards

Girl Board Member Application

Girl Board Member Signature Page

Girl Health History 2013

Girl Health History Spanish 2013

Girl Scout Gold Award Final Signature Form

Gold Award Cookie Credit Use Form

Gold Award Final Signature Form

Gold Award Guide for Adults - Spanish

Gold Award Proposal Signature Form

Gold Award Workbook

Gold Award Workbook - Spanish

GSHH Adventure Patch

GSHH Archery Patch

GSHH Bluebird Patch Requirements

GSHH Camping

GSHH Computer Savvy

GSHH Food Patch

GSHH Food Science Patch

GSHH Heart Healthy JCSA

GSHH Heritage

GSHH Horse Lover Patch

GSHH Hudson River Arts

GSHH I Can Code

GSHH I'm Special


GSHH Information Booklet

GSHH Our Future On Earth

GSHH Robotics, Engines & Machines Patch

GSHH Sun Safe

GSHH Swim Patch

GSHH Sybil Ludington

GSHH Together We Prepare


January 2012 Currents

January 2013 Council Agenda

January 2013 Regional Service Unit Team Teleconference Minutes

January Currents, 2013

July, 2012 Currents

July, 2013 Currents

June 2012, Currents

June 2013, Currents

KI Opt Out Form
Please read the information carefully and only return if you are opting out of KI if needed.

March 2013 Council Agenda

March 2013 Currents

March 2013 Currents

March 2013 Regional Meeting Agenda

March 2014 Currents

March 2014 Regional Meeting Agenda

March, 2012 Currents

May 2012, Currents

Medication Form
Complete this form for any medications that will be given at camp.

Membership Assistance Request 2014

Mercy College Women in Business

Money Earning Activities - Final Report
Please submit this form once your Money Earning activity is complete!

National Young Woman of Distinction
National Young Woman of Distinction (NYOWD) is the designation, and special honor, conferred by Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) on ten Girl Scout Gold Award recipients whose final projects demonstrated extraordinary leadership, had a measurable and sustainable impact, and addressed a local challenge that related to a national and/or global issue

New Camp Staff Employment Application

New Shop Hours Kingston

New Shop Hours Middletown

New Shop Hours New City

New Shop Hours Pleasantville

New Shop Hours Poughkeepsie

November 2012 Council Agenda

November 2012 Regional Meeting Agenda

November 2012 Regional Meeting Agenda with Meeting notes

November 2012, Currents

November 2013 Currents

October 2012 Council Agenda

October 2012 Regional Meeting Agenda

October 2012 Regional Meeting Agenda with Meeting notes

October Currents 2012

October, 2013 Currents

Online Membership Registration Demo

Online Registration Instructions

Parent Permission Form

Parking - Town Hall Meeting

President Award Criteria and Forms

Program Registration Form 2012

Program Warehouse Application Form 2013

Property Amentities At A Glance

Property Overnight Use Form

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Pulse Summer 2012

Pulse Winter 2012-2013

Pulse, Summer 2013
Peruse through the Summer, 2013 edition of Pulse, our Alumni newsletter. Read a letter from our board chair; see all that the Forever Green Task Force has been doing, and see how our alumni have been getting together and supporting GSHH this year!

Questions and Answers Regional Service Unit Team Meeting January 2014

Request for Additional Insurance

Request for Meeting in a Girl Scout Cabin/House

Request for Optional Insurance

Request for Sales Tax Expemption Form Application

Rock Hill New Camp Staff Application

Rock Hill Returning Camp Staff Application

Rocky Brook New Camp Staff Application

Rocky Brook Returning Camp Staff Application

Safety Activity Checkpoints

September 15th, 2012 Membership Conference Notes

September 2012, Currents

September 2013 Currents

Service Unit Delegate Election Procedure 2013-2016

Service Unit Team Regional Teleconference Notes

Silver Award Checklist for Girls

Silver Award Final Report - PDF

Silver Award Guide Adults - Spanish

Silver Award Project Proposal - PDF

Silver Award Workbook

Silver Award Workbook - Spanish

Silver Award Workbook Adults

Spanish Parent Permission Form

Stars of the Hudson Manual Submission Form

Stars of the Hudson Troop Application

Thanks and Thanks II Criteria and Forms

The Juliette Gordon Low World Friendship Medal

Tribute Alumnae List

Tribute To Women of Achievement Alumnae

Trip Activity Notification Manual Submit 2014

Troop Money Earning Activity Application - Manual Submission

Under the Stars Camporee Equipment List

Under the Stars Q & A for Particpants

Volunteer Application and CBC

Volunteer Essentials 2013-2014

Volunteer of Excellence Criteria and Forms

Winter Whirl I Equipment List
Take a look at what you will need if you register for Whirl I .

Winter Whirl II Equipment
Registering for Winter Whirl II / Take a look at the equipment list.