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Gold Award

Do Something Every Day that Changes the World

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award in Girl Scouting. It is the culmination of all the skills obtained and the connections you have made over the years. It combines your passions, your previous accomplishments, and your dreams to make the world a better place.

Girls are asked to contribute 80 or more hours in a sustainable service project that demonstrates their ability to be leaders. They are asked to use what they’ve gained from their completed journeys and past projects to create a complete, worthwhile, and professional-looking final project to represent themselves. For more detailed information, please see the Girl Scout Gold Award Booklet .

Girls must be in grades 9—12 to begin earning their Gold Award. We offer informational Going for the Gold Workshops.

The first step to earning the Gold is completing a Senior- or Ambassador-level journey.

Each girl will need to find a Project Advisor. A Project Advisor is any adult who has expertise in the area of the girl’s project. This person does not need to be a Girl Scout. For example, a girl who would like to do an environmental project could choose a forest ranger as a Project Advisor.

The Gold Award also needs to be pre-approved by the council’s Gold Award Committee. In order to receive an appointment with the Gold Award Committee, the girl will need to submit her Gold Award Application to the Poughkeepsie Regional Office or to Our Gold Award Committee meets in five locations throughout the council: Kingston, Middletown, New City, Pleasantville, and Poughkeepsie. This is a group of volunteers who have been trained to work with the girls on the Gold Award. They are entrusted with approving each project. Each girl will have the option of where she would like to meet with the committee. Please check the dates that the committee meets in each location prior to choosing. Once approved, a Gold Mentor will be assigned to help her through the Gold Award process.

Gold Award Committee Meeting Dates:

Gold Award Committee Meeting Dates 2014:

  • The Committee will meet in Kingston the 1st Thursday of the month.
  • The Committee will meet in Middletown the 3rd Thursday of the month.
  • The Committee will meet in New City the last Monday of the month.
  • The Committee will meet in Pleasantville on third Monday of the month.
  • The Committee will meet in Poughkeepsie the last Wednesday of the month.

Gold Award Committee Submission Deadlines:

In order to schedule an appointment with the Gold Committee, paperwork must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Once the project has been completed, girls should complete the Girl Scout Gold Award Final Report and submit it to the Poughkeepsie Regional Office or email to She will then be scheduled for an exit interview with the Gold Award Committee.

A ceremony to honor Girl Scout Gold Award recipients is held annually in the spring. To be eligible for this recognition ceremony, a candidate's paperwork should be submitted to any Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson regional office by the first Monday in January.

For questions or more information, please contact our Girl Award hotline at (914) 747-3080, x229 or (845) 236-6002, x229 or email us at


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