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GSHH MY24 Early Bird Renewal Incentives


Early Renewal for the 2023-2024 Girl Scout Membership Year is now open! Renew now to keep your Girl Scout Journey going. 

By renewing early, you can earn rewards for girl and adult Girl Scouts, troops, and Service Units. Click here for a printable chart of the incentives for the upcoming membership year and view the chart below. Click here to renew your membership in mygs.

  Incentive Renew by 4/15/2023 Renew by 5/31/2023 Renew by 6/30/2023 Incentive Received
Girl  Receive a Girl Scout jibitz charm! x     August 2023
Girl Girl Scouts with an active membership will earn an extra $.05 per box of cookies sold for their troop in 2024 - must have participated in the 2023 Fall Product Sale and sold a minimum of 5 products. x x   August 2024
Girl Girl Scouts will be entered in a drawing to participate in their choice of a GSHH Program for MY24 (10 Girl Scouts will be chosen) x x x August 2023
Girl/Adult Receive Early Bird Patch x x x August 2023
    Renew by 4/30/2023 Renew by 5/31/2023 Renew by 6/30/2023 Incentive Received
Adult Enter a drawing to receive a $25 gift card (25 adults will be chosen) x     August 2023
Adult Register 100% of your troop to enter a drawing for 2 leaders to have a meet and greet with GSHH CEO, includes a custom care package x x   August 2023
Adult All troops with 90% retention - leaders will be entered into a drawing to win a custom badge kit and $30 gift card (2 troops will be chosen)  x x x August 2023
Troop Troops with 90% renewal will receive a 25% discount on their whole order at any GSHH shop (valid in-store only) x     June 2023
Troop Troops with 100% renewal will receive an appointment in September to register, before everyone else, for one GSHH program being offered from 10/1/23 - 6/30/24. x x x September 2023
Service Unit Service Units with 75% retention by 6/30/2023 for MY24 will receive $100. This will be ACH’d to the Service Unit bank account.     x September 2023