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Fall Product Sale Information for Troop Leaders

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Hello Troops!

This is a reminder that the order taking for girl delivery ends on Friday, 10/ 28.  Parents can enter orders into the online site ( by 10/28; troops have until 11/1 to complete their orders in M2. (NOTE: Customers can order until 11/1 from a girl’s site for girl delivery and the order will be automatically included in the troop order. )

If you choose to have parents enter please give them this information ASAP to meet their deadline.  You then have a few days to enter anything not already entered plus additions, corrections, etc.  You must complete your troop order by 11/1 at 11:59pm.  In the Nuts+Mags system there is no SUBMIT button.  Once the deadline arrives, troop orders in the system are automatically submitted.

Girls’ sites are active until 12/12; customers can order magazines and nut/candy products to be shipped.  Orders placed through this date count toward girl rewards.  We suggest you encourage all girls to create an avatar and send 15 emails by 12/12 to complete the Fall Sale elements needed to be eligible for a cookie crossover patch in the spring.