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Signing up for Booth Sales in Ebudde


Council Booth Sites* for March Booths will open for viewing today (2/9/21) in eBudde on the Booth Sites tab. Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 10th at 8 AM troops will be able to reserve one spot at one of the Council booth sites. Booth spots are limited and may have different guidelines than in past years; for instance, malls have different hours now. Please be aware that sites fill in seconds.

*To view Council Sales go to the green Sales season box in the upper left corner. Use the dropdown to choose 2020 Preseason. Booth Sites, and Council Sales locations will populate.

Many troops have their own troop-arranged booth locations. Please list your booth in eBudde using the Booth Sites tab.  Listing in eBudde will help avoid conflicts at locations.

To enter your troop-arranged booth in ebudde :

1)  Go to the Booth Sites tab

2)  Use the dropdown arrow in the “Council Sales” box at the top to choose My Sales

3)  Click on the blue Add a location

4)  Fill in the complete details of your booth location (“Contact” means leader contact information)

5)  Click add