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Girl Scout Week is Coming

Girl Scout Week March 7-March 13

Girl Scout week is a time to celebrate what it means to be a Girl Scout! Join GSHH for a week of great activities that lead up to Girl Scout's 109th Birthday on Friday, March 12! 

Girl Scout Week Schedule: 

Sunday, March 7: Girl Scout Sunday 

Girl Scout Sunday is a special day dedicated to thinking about your beliefs and how they’re reflected in the Girl Scout Law. Reflect on what the Girl Scout Promise and Law means to you.

  • How does your faith/beliefs reflect on the Girl Scout Law?
  • Do something kind/nice for another Girl Scout.

Monday, March 8: Entrepreneur Day!

  • Talk to your grownup(s) about supporting a locally owned business or order from your local Girl Scout shop to show your support.
  • Talk to someone you know who has their own business! Ask questions about how they started and how they are successful.

Tuesday, March 9: Let's Get Outdoors!

  • Go outdoors and learn about the different plants in your area or your own yard and observe what happens to them during the different seasons.
  • Create an outdoor scavenger hunt to share with your friends and family!

Wednesday, March 10: Women Empowerment Wednesday!

  • Interview a strong and empowered woman in your life (whether it be a teacher, coach, family member)! Ask about their career. 
  • Were they a Girl Scout growing up? Did Girl Scouts help them achieve their goals in their career?

Thursday, March 11: For the Troops Thursday!

  • Make a card or write a letter to send to military troops. Contact Operation Cookie Drop to get a list of active military troops at home and overseas or veterans associations to send mail.
  • Do you know of have a family member who is an active duty or retired Military Service Member? Take a moment today to thank them for their service and invite them to tell you about their experience.
  • Donate a box of cookies to Operation Cookie Drop to send to military troops overseas, in hospitals, or veterans homes.

Friday, March 12: Happy Birthday Girl Scouts! 

  • Bake a cake or cupcakes for Girl Scouts 109th Birthday to share with your family!
  • Teach your family about Girl Scouts' Birthday and when it was founded.
  • Have a virtual Girl Scout birthday party with your troop!

Saturday, March 13: Day of Service!

  • Plan some fun activities for an evening of family bonding time!
  • Donate goods for those in need (People to People, Salvation Army, Homeless Shelters, Animal Shelters, etc.).