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Fall Product Sale Challenge 10 in 10

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There's just 10 days left in the Nuts + Mags for your customers to choose in-person delivery.* To help you reach your goals, we're proposing a challenge should you choose to accept! 

When you complete the challenge, not only will you be closer to reaching your goals, you could also WIN a Chromebook! 

How to Complete the 10 in 10 Challenge: 

  • Between October 19 - October 29. 
  • Sell 10 items in 10 days online. 
  • Items must be paid for online. 
  • For every 10 items sold during this time, girls will receive one entry in the drawing to win a Chromebook. Sell 20 items and get 2 entries, etc. 
  • One winner will be announced on November 4, 2020

Haven't started your Nuts + Mags sale yet? There is still time to get started and join this challenge! Click here to get started. 

*Customers can order online through December 14 to have products shipped to their home, but October 30 is the last day to choose girl-delivered items.