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182 Young Women Dedicate Over 9,500 Hours towards Improving Their Community While Earning the Girl Scout Silver Award


On Saturday, November 21, 2015, Girl Scouts of Heart of the Hudson celebrated the success of 182 young women who earned their Silver Award over the 2014-2015 membership year. The Ceremony was attended by 160 recipients, and over 500 family, friends and community supporters. 

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the second highest award girls can earn in Girl Scouting, and the highest award attainable at the Middle School level.  It represents a girl’s commitment to herself and to her community as she focuses on leadership, career exploration, personal challenges and completing a lasting project that will benefit her community.  By earning the Girl Scout Silver Award, these young women have proven that they are committed to changing society for the better.

“It’s a very impressive award,” explains Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson CEO, Pam Andersen, “for girls in 7th and 8th grade to take on this level of responsibility and overcome countless obstacles for the simple reward of making the world a better place, is always a wonderful reminder of the potential of young people when they’re given voices and the confidence and support they need.”

Working individually, or in small groups up to four, the young women who were honored on Saturday completed 118 original projects. These projects ranged from passing legislature in Eastchester County banning plastic bags, to turning community spaces into smoke free places, from building free little libraries to fixing up nature trails, and from bringing birthday cheer to hospitalized children to building handicap accessible playgrounds.

“I learned how to delegate work and be assertive without seeming aggressive or bossy. Also, most    importantly, if you think and act like a leader, you will be respected and treated as one too,” explained one Cadette Girl Scout. “I learned from this project that an idea can really become a reality, and with focus and determination it only takes one person to make a change and difference in the world,” added another Silver Award recipient.