Go Bold with Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie is back for its 5th season! If you are a Digital Cookie veteran, you know how easy it is and how it propels your progress in the cookie sale. If you haven’t used Digital Cookie – Go Bold in 2019 and join Digital Cookie! You will be glad you did! Girls who add Digital Cookie to their cookie toolkit sell more and reach their goals faster. So enjoy the fun activities, earn some badges and watch your sales go UP, UP, UP!

Here is how to get started:

  1. Watch for the email from Girl Scout Cookies with the link to set up your password and your homepage.    No email?  Click here to request one:  
  2. Import or set up an email list.
  3. Send your emails and wait for the sales to roll in!

You can take Digital Cookie with you-- wherever you go-- on your phone.   

Digital Cookie

It’s everything you already love about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, supercharged. The Digital Cookie platform allows you to customize the way you learn and earn, using technology in new and engaging ways, all while earning cool cookie business badges along the way.

Now you can take your Girl Scout Cookie business on the go!

You’ll need a Digital Cookie platform login to set up and use the Digital Cookie mobile app. Don’t have a Digital Cookie account yet? That’s OK! Request a registration email now.

Once you’ve signed up, you can:

  • Let customers easily order their favorite Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Take orders on your website—or in person with the app.
  • Get important safety advice and cool cookie-selling tips.
  • Accept credit card payments—it's so easy.

You can also use the app to check your progress, and share your site URL via email. Remember: only share with cookie customers you and your family know—safety first!

The Digital Cookie app makes it super simple for customers to order their faves online and pay by credit card to either get the cookies right from you or have them shipped—awesome!



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