Elliot Wildlife Patch Program
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Elliot Wildlife Patch Program

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Program in a Backpack  or Program at the Boathouse

Earn the Elliott Wildlife Patch and enjoy the beautiful Girl Scout’s Edith Macy Conference Center located in Briarcliff Manor—at no cost!

Both programs are self-directed and can be scheduled at the troop’s convenience; afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Program in a Backpack

The program includes a backpack for each participant complete with all materials needed,  including a trail map and specific programmatic directions.


Bird Watching—Use real binoculars and learn bird calls to attract these amazing creatures. Participants will have a hands-on experience with eggs and feathers, and see what makes birds unique to the animal kingdom.

Letterboxing—Do you want to find a hidden treasure in the woods by following clues? Letterboxing is a mix of hiking, puzzle solving, treasure hunting, and rubber stamp artistry, topped off with the thrill of discovery.

Geocaching—Go on a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS devices. Find the hidden container (cache) by following the coordinates pre-programmed in the GPS devices. All necessary instructions and area maps are provided in the backpack.

Programs at the Boathouse


Pond Exploration—Is water more your interest? Discover who lives in a pond from fish to the tiniest animal. Use nets and observational equipment to identify the special animals who reside in our pond.

Animal Habitats—Edith Macy has a property rich with wildlife. Learn about the different habitats and what makes it special for animals. Explore the different adaptions animals have to thrive in their habitat. Help create habitats for bees, toads, and other animals to improve Edith Macy and their own backyard.

Steps to Enjoy these free programs:

1. Select the program you want to do: Backpack or Boathouse

2. Select the topic for the program 

3. Email customercare@girlscoutshh.org and let us know which topic you selected and two dates and times that work for your troop.

4. You will receive an email confirmation with the details and procedures for the program.

5. At the end of our program, return the materials, complete the evaluation form and take a patch for each girl who participated.