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Extended Year Membership

Girl Scouts Extended Year Membership - Click here to Join Now

Girl Scouts of the USA has introduced an extended-year membership opportunity for NEW members!

Now, through the new extended-year membership option available April 1, new girl and adult members can register for a 17-month, $35 prorated membership that allows them to begin Girl Scouts during the summer and then transition right into their traditional troop experience in the fall without paying double membership fees. It’s seamless—and a pretty sweet deal!

For new girls, extended-year membership provides the ultimate opportunity to get started on their Girl Scout adventure in the summer and then stay for the whole year. And it lets new adult members complete their onboarding process and maybe even begin recruiting for their new troop in the summer!



  • Will current members be able to take advantage of extended-year memberships? No, at this time, the extended-year memberships are available to new girl and adult members only.
  • Is this new membership category available to adults? Yes, new adults can also purchase an extended year membership.
  • How long will a girl or adult who purchases an extended-year membership be a member? They will be a member for the remaining months of the current membership year as well as the entire next membership year. (The Girl Scout membership year runs from October 1 - September 30.)
  • What types of activities can an extended-year member participate in? They will be a member just like any traditional annual member. Extended-year members will experience everything Girl Scouts has to offer, including the options to join a troop, go to summer camp,  attend council-sponsored events, and more.
  • Will extended-year membership be available to any girl or adult who registers or renews? This membership is for NEW girls and adults only through the new member registration process as well as the “add a member” process under the membership and troop tabs in your MYGS profile. 
  • What happens if a lapsed member wants to register as an extended-year member? Lapsed members are unable to register as extended-year members because they were once members and are considered returning members. 
  • Will financial assistance be offered for this membership category? Yes, financial aid is available for families in need for extended-year memberships.

Do you have a question about extended year memberships that we haven't answered above? Email our Customer Care team at