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NUTS+MAGS PROGRAM: Fall Product Sale


“NUTS+MAGS” is a council-sponsored product sale program to family and friends of magazines, nuts, and candy. This year's sale will run from September 28th-October 30th. The online portion of the sale will continue through December 14th.

Click here to get started on your sale!

Product Sales Guidelines for Juliettes

Awesome Activities to Do at Home or With Your Troop!

Nuts & Mags Troop Leader Training Webinar Recorded September 24, 2020. 

Click here to view a recording of the Service Unit Training webinar. 

Troop permission form Fall Product Sale 2020.

Today's Tech for Today's Girl

Girl Scouts can create their own avatars, set goals, and optimize their digital storefront before sending emails to friends and families to support their sale.

Again this year, customers can purchase nuts to be donated to the U.S. Military as part of the "Care to Share" program.

What You Should Know

What's new this year?

We’re offering three new tins of goodies, perfect for gift giving!  We also have a new spin on our popular cashews, now also available with cracked pepper and sea salt.

There’s also a huge assortment of items available on each girl's online store so if you don't see what you were hoping to find on the order card, make sure to check online!

What can my troop earn?

Early funds for your troop! They'll earn $1 for each nut/candy item and $2 for each magazine order

troop rewards
What's new with the personal Avatar patch in 2020?

Girls can sport masks, shades, or a tiara. She can choose from plain to fancy footwear and hairdos and have fun with creating a second self!!

What do Girl Scouts learn from participating?

Girls gain life skills such as Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, Interpersonal skills, and Business Ethics.

And, it's easy! We want to make sure that everyone is able to participate.  Girls can choose to sell online, in person or both.


Program Benefits

 Five Skills and Online Learning
Like the Cookie Program, the Nuts+Mags Program helps girls to develop five skills they'll use throughout their lives, including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics

 Girls also learn online business skills by setting up their own personalized online sales sites, promoting it to family and friends, and tracking their goals online. 

Personalized Avatar Patch 

Earn this avatar patch that looks just like you by sending 12 emails and selling 5 magazines and a total 20+ nut/candy item in-person or online.

Personalized Cookie Crossover Patch 

Earn this by creating your avatar during the Nuts+Mags program and sending 12 emails, and selling 125 packages of cookies on Initial Order in the 2021 Cookie Program. Your personalized patch will be sent directly to you in late spring.

Spanish / Español

Nuts+Mags es una venta patrocinada por el Concilio para familiares y amigos. Incluye venta de revistas, nueces y caramelos. Este año se llevara a cabo del 1 al 31 de Octubre. La venta en línea termina hasta finales de Noviembre.

Las Girl Scouts pueden crear sus propios avatares, establecer metas, crear su tienda digital y después enviar correos electrónicos a familiares y amigos para apoyar su venta. Algo nuevo este año únicamente en la tarjeta de pedido, podrán vender nueces que se pueden donar para apoyar a los militares de USA como parte del programe “Compartir”.

Cosas que saber:

·         Su tropa ganara $1 por cada lata de nueces o caramelos. Y $2 por cada  revista que vendan.

·         Su tarjeta de pedido ofrece 13 productos sin gluten y 15 kosher (comestible según la ley judía). 

·         Este año las niñas pueden grabar el mensaje de su avatar con su voz.

·         El producto se entregara a las niñas entre el 1 y el 6 de Diciembre.

·         Los clientes pueden comprar para donar a los militares y las tropas de las niñas ganan un dólar y también ganan un parche especial que dice “Compartir” si venden 5 productos o más.

Si tienes alguna pregunta puedes contactar a: Aurora Orozco-

914 747 3080 x736

Is there a "crossover" patch for the cookie sale?

Yes, there is a “crossover” Avatar patch.  To qualify for it a girl must send 12 emails and create her Avatar during the Fall Sale.   Then she must sell 125 boxes on her Initial cookie order to earn the patch

When will products arrive?

Products will be delivered to the service units by early December; troops pick up from service unit chair

What is the "Care to Share" Program?

A customer can donate to Care to Share and treats will be distributed to the military.

Troops earn $1.00 for each Care to Share donation, which count toward the girls’ rewards. 

Girls can earn a special “Care to Share” patch if they have 5 or more Care to Share donations.

Do you have Kosher products?

Trophy Nut has many products, all available for online shipping purchases. Kosher and gluten free products are indicated on the paper order card.  

2020 Kosher Table
Important Dates
  • Wednesday, Sept. 23: Troop Leaders gain access online.
  • Monday, Sept. 28: Girls can begin creating their online storefront.
  • Monday, Sept. 28: Nuts+Mags Program begins: in-person order taking begins, online storefronts go live, and girls send emails to family and friends!
  • Friday, Oct. 30: Last day to take orders on the order card.
  • Friday, Oct. 30: Parents enter in-person nut/candy orders by 11:59 PM
  • Tuesday, Nov 3: Troop in-person nut/candy entry due by NOON. There is no submit button.
  • Nov. 30 - Dec. 5: Nuts/candy delivered to Service Units.
  • Friday, Dec. 4: ACH sweep.
  • Monday, Dec. 14: online storefronts close at 11:59.