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Volunteer Success Stories

We are so impressed by all our volunteers every day and these meetings have been no exception. Below are some of our meeting highlights. These comments made us so excited we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves:

  • Tappan Zee – Karen McDonald – The Tappan Zee service unit shared that they went to an open house and were able to recruit enough girls and leaders to start two new troops. Great work ladies!

  • Jeffersonville/Callicoon - Joanne Rosenberger
    Joanne expressed how much she liked going to the regional meetings because it gave her a chance to meet people, from other service units, in person. She said that most of the time volunteers communicate via email or telephone so it is nice to be able to put faces to names as well as hear what other service units are doing. She said, “It is a great way to learn new things and maybe revisit old traditions.”

  • Minisink- Kathy Snowder, the troop organizer/ registrar for the Minisink service unit, informed us that a different volunteers from their service unit signed up to attend each Regional Service Unit Monthly Conference from October to January. This will enable the service unit to share the responsibility and allow a SU Manager not to take on another responsibility. By doing this, it also allows other team members/leaders to meet and greet the council staff and other communities.


  • Warwick – Carrie Garloch, SUM of the Warwick Community, will be starting an additional troop at the Warwick Community Kitchen, which stemmed from her daughter’s Gold Award project. In Warwick there are monthly dinners that are attended frequently by migrant workers and their families. Carrie saw this opportunity as a way to support national Girl Scout’s growth objectives. She hopes to increase the number of girls participating in Girl Scout program pathway opportunities.


  • Kings Ferry - Barbara Hudock: Kudos to the Kings Ferry Girl Scout Service Unit volunteers and to their SUM Barbara Hudock for listing all their community events and inviting all girls to join Girl Scouts to participate in any of these events “if they are a Girl Scout or if they are not a Girl Scout”.  We heard from a parent who is not able to get her daughter to troop meetings and who was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to attend the Girl Scout “Sock Hop” with her daughter on a Friday evening to have the experience of involvement in Girl Scouts and to learn more about us.  Winter Girl Scout recruitment time might be the best time for some volunteers to become Girl Scout recruiters! Communities can have different teams in fall, winter and spring. By springtime kindergarten and first grade Daisy Girl Scout leaders are ready to share their experiences and might be interested in recruiting at kindergarten orientations to organize new K Daisy troops to be ready to start in the fall.  Thank you Kings Ferry volunteers for making a difference!


  • New Oaks - Kate Csillag, reported the following at the Dutchess County Regional SU Meeting:  New Oaks Service Unit had a successful Daisy/Brownie Carnival.  Existing Girl Scouts and new girls learned the Promise/Law and other Girl Scout activities in January. Older girls planned and executed the event with the help of dedicated volunteers. Two additional dates are planned for the 3rd Friday of April and May from 6:30-8:30 pm at John Jay HS in Fishkill. She reached out to the Wappinger Falls SU Manager in attendance last night and asked that her Girl Scouts participate. She also noted that some of the new girls recruited were from Wappingers and were referred to and placed in the neighboring Wappingers troop.
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