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The following sessions still limited have openings!

All American Summer

7/7 – 7/11$350 1–3


Come celebrate all the exciting activities you love to do during the summer. Dur¬ing this session we will commemorate the 4th of July with BBQ’s, parades, old time races and games, colonial crafts, and of course lots of dancing and singing. There’s more summer fun as we continue with pool parties, boat races, super hero days, cook-outs and a box oven bake off. Finally, what’s more American then celebrat¬ing our Girl Scout heritage as we discover some of the favorite outdoor activities Girl Scouts have been enjoying for years and years. Need a little more? Throw in an all camp treasure hunt and a bonfire and hootenanny and your summer is complete.

Splish Splash

7/21 – 7/25 $350 Gr. 1–3
7/14 - 7/25 $725 Gr. 4&5   Includes one overnight


Is your goal to chill out during the midst of the long hot summer? Well, it’s water, water everywhere as you voyage through this cool camp session. Come make a splash in the lake as you not only discover the joys of kayaking or canoeing but also experience the thrill of jumping out of your boat and learning all the cool rescue techniques used by advanced paddlers. Maybe catch a boating lunch trip and enjoy the relaxation of “no special place to go” as you slow down and take pleasure in just floating, fishing, eating and chatting with your friends. Even when you are not on the lake you can still enjoy the water while creek stomping and sloppy searching for all those little critters that live in the camp’s lake and cool streams. Let’s not forget all the time we spend in our pool! Besides daily swim lessons and time for free swim, we will also enjoy special events that will keep us cool in the pool such as silly water races, sunken treasure hunts and pool dance parties. Just in case you still think you are not wet enough, there will be daily horseshoe tosses, games of checkers, hopscotch and so much more, all set up under the cool sprays of our gentle sprinklers. Pack an extra towel and get ready for some serious fun.


Cracker Jack Camper

7/28 - 8/ 1$350Gr. 1–3
8/4 - 8/8$359Gr. 1 - 3


If you are ready to experience the natural world, learn new outdoor skills and explore unknown areas of the camp all while having an incredible amount of fun and adventure then you are a Cracker Jack Camper. Together we will become outdoor detectives as we explore the fascinating animals around us, naturalists by creating habitats that will attract even more wildlife, gourmet chefs when creating new and delicious campfires meals and snacks, stewards of the environment as we discover how to live in the wilderness without leaving a trace, and crafty campers by using recycled and natural materials to create beautiful arts and craft projects. We will also be adventurers as we spend extra time challenging hiking trails, launching and racing our canoes and kayaks, exploring the camp islands, challenging the ropes course, setting off on a high tech treasure hunt and becoming archery legends as we strive for the perfect bull’s eye.

Journey to the Gold

7/28– 8/8$750Gr. 9&10

Includes two overnights Get a jump start on earning your Girl Scout Gold Award! You’ll work towards completing the prerequisites for the Gold Award by completing a Girl Scout Senior Journey. You’ll also receive Going for the Gold training which will better help you prepare for your Gold Award Project. Come and enjoy the conversation and comradeship of fellow Girl Scouts who are also working on ideas and designs for their Gold Award Projects. Together you will experience an older girl’s camp program which will include hiking, fishing, archery, swimming, canoeing, cook-outs, pool parties and of course overnight camp-outs.

Camp Aides One
1st Year Camp Aides


First-year Camp Aide is a transitional program for older girls who would like to attend camp in a new way. Camp Aides are older campers who come to camp to enjoy the comradeship of fellow Camp Aides while helping the staff with whatever tasks need to get accomplished that day. One day you could be organizing and helping with cookout pack-outs, while another day you may be asked to help paint picnic tables or mix up the weekly tie-dye solutions for the units. As a first year Camp Aide, you will also receive Core Program Aide Training where you will develop the basic leadership skills needed for working with younger Girl Scouts. There’s plenty of hands-on work to do, but all work and no play is definitely not our way. There will be time for swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and of course, optional overnights too.

Camp Aides Two
2nd Year Camp Aides

7/28 - 8/8 - Open

As a second-year Camp Aide, you will continue to develop your leadership skills along with those needed to work in any of our specialty areas of camp. You will receive Program Aide Specialization Training where you will strive to become proficient in one or more particular camp specialty or admin¬istrative area: small crafts, archery, office assistant, low ropes, fishing, environmental exploration or arts and crafts. You will also assist with our Special Events Planning and wilderness hiking programs.Don’t worry, there will be time for cook-outs, swimming, boating, optional overnights and all the other fun activities we enjoy at camp.



The C.I.T. I program is for young women interested in making a positive impact on children and learning the skills it takes to be a good camp counselor. The four-week program focuses on child development, safety and first aid, creative camp programming, camp skills and child supervision. The program will also emphasize the development of important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, cooperation and management. In addition, you will have the option of spending time with unit staff and specialty staff where you can explore and sharpen your outdoor skills in: outdoor cooking, low ropes, leading songs and games, archery, arts and crafts, storytelling, fishing, boating and camp skills. The Counselor in Training I program includes four overnights.

Counselor-In-Training II

7/28 - 8/1 - Open

8/4 - 8/8 - Open

Upon successful completion of your four weeks of C.I.T. I training, and with approval of the camp director,an optional one-or-two week C.I.T. II program will be available. The C.I.T. II program provides more hands-onopportunities for honing the camp counselor skills you developed earlier in the summer. Plus it is a great wayto enjoy the last few weeks of the summer with your new found friends ...and extend your camp experience.

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