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GSHH Journey Program

Where Will Your Journey Take You?

Ready to start your next big adventure as a troop? Journeys are the perfect way to earn awards, work together towards a common goal, learn specialized skills in areas of the girls’ interests, and prepare to work towards the Girl Scout higher awards.

Check out our online store for more information. There are now three series of journeys from which to choose:

It’s Your World — Change It!
GrnBlt.pngDaisies – Flower Garden
GrnBlt.pngBrownies – Brownie Quest
GrnBlt.pngJunior – Agent of Change
GrnBlt.pngCadettes – Amaze
GrnBlt.pngSeniors – Sow What?
GrnBlt.pngAmbassadors – Your Voice, Your World

It’s Your Planet — Love it!
GrnBlt.pngDaisies – Between Earth and Sky
GrnBlt.pngBrownie – WOW – Wonders of Water
GrnBlt.pngJunior – Get Moving
GrnBlt.pngCadettes – Breathe
GrnBlt.pngSeniors –  Girltopia
GrnBlt.pngAmbassadors – Justice

It’s Your Story — Tell it!
GrnBlt.pngDaisies — 3 Cheers for Animals
GrnBlt.pngBrownies – World of Girls
GrnBlt.pngJunior – aMUSE
GrnBlt.pngCadettes – MEdia
GrnBlt.pngSeniors – Mission Sisterhood
GrnBlt.pngAmbassadors – Bliss! Live It! Give It

On every leadership journey, everything girls do — whether it's performing science experiments, creating art projects, cooking simple meals, or learning to protect the planet's water supply — is aimed at giving them the benefits of the Girl Scout "Keys to Leadership": Discover, Connect,  and Take Action.

Journeys allow girls to explore their interests and passions, help prepare them for the Silver and Gold awards, and connect them to their community in a new way. An in-depth description of each of the journeys, as well as the awards earned along the way, can be found on the GSUSA website .

Been There; Done That — Journey Successes Shared:

Starting a journey with your troop may seem overwhelming at first, but once you have the books, the possibilities are endless. The journeys are adaptable to address the specific interests of your troop or group and customizable so whichever activities you’ve always wanted to pursue can fit in. Below you will find some success stories and fun adaptations from GSHH volunteers to help you get your creative juices flowing:

Brownie – It’s Your Planet – Love it!
Our girls worked on the WOW Journey and were able to visit a local hydro-plant in Sullivan County. There we learned a lot about water and electricity. One group of girls had a passion for music and used that to create a music video about water to recap everything they had learned and share it with others. The song “Water is our Friend” can be watched on YouTube!  Troop 2221

Junior – It’s Her Story Tell It!
For Flurry of Roles, we put all of the stickies on the wall. We had them walk up to the wall and pick 2 or 3 stickies, at least one for themselves and one for someone else, and i made sure that every girl got a sticky from someone else. Then we went around the circle and the girls shared what stickies they had. We also asked the girl who had put a sticky on her to tell us why they chose it.

We read the story Frankie Stein and talked about expectations people place on you. We talked about roles that people can play and what roles they play on a regular basis.

Cadette – It’s Your Planet – Love it!
Our project was a stealth anti-smoking campaign. We made anti-smoking posters and hung them overnight in our school. The next day we brought up anti-smoking conversations and tried to draw attention to the posters that had “mysteriously” appeared. That evening we took them down and the next day drew attention to their absence.  -
Troop 255

First we learned about women of the wind and different concepts involving air. Next, we discussed the dangers of air pollution and created anti-smoking skits. The last thing we did we helped Daisy Scouts make kites out of recycled materials.  - Troop 564

Cadette – It’s Your Story Tell It!
For the MEdia Journey, we did a story scavenger hunt where girls, in small groups, wrote a fairy tale out on index cards (about 15 cards were neeeded) and hid them all over camp. Another small group had to search for the cards, put them in the order they thought best, and then perform a skit based on what they had. It went over well and really broke the ice for the talent show we had afterwards.

Seniors – It’s Your World - Change It!
We made a wall of bricks as our path to GirlTopia for the Create It part of the Journey. We started in December and a brick was added every time you did something you liked or to represent significant moments in your life -- bad things were included as well. We discussed the bricks that were being added at every meeting; sometimes we guessed who made which brick. After six months, the wall was complete — made up of bricks with “a personalized wish for a personal utopia.” —Troop 10135

Seniors – It’s Your Planet – Love it!
We put a compost bin in at the Larchmont GS house and taught other Girl Scouts who use the house for their meetings about composting.  —Troop 2522

As part of the Sow What Journey we hosted a brunch for our troop serving all home-made foods that were locally grown. It was delicious and opened my mind to trying new things. —Troop 2246

Ambassadors – It’s Your Planet – Love it!
For the Justice Journey we hosted an International Friendship Day for older scouts. Each troop picked a country to research and brought food from that country to share and facts about Girl Scouts and Girl Guides there. We learned about each country and heard the unique Girl Scout promises and laws before enjoying a friendly luncheon.  —Troop 10294

Earning the Silver or Gold Awards — the Journey Requirement

Journeys are also now a requirement for the Silver and Gold awards.

Girls going for their Silver need to complete one Cadette-level journey.

Girls going for their Gold can complete either two Girl Scout Senior-level journeys, two Girl Scout Ambassador-level journeys, or one of each. Girls who have already earned their Silver Award and are now going for their Gold Award only need to complete one journey.

A journey is considered completed when a girl has earned the journey awards, which include creating and carrying out a Take Action project.

Connecting Journeys to Silver and Gold

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