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Updated GSHH Website Sports New Look, Provides Ease of Accessibility

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December 22, 2011

It’s here! Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, Inc. (GSHH), has unveiled its updated council website which is designed to be user-friendly for all who visit. The website’s graphics feature contemporary images of Girl Scouts in action as well as providing viewers a taste of the historic and natural attractions to be found throughout the Hudson River Valley.
Designed with all levels of Girl Scout users in mind, from girls interested in becoming members to seasoned adult volunteers looking for up-to-the-minute information, the attractive result is the work of the Pelham-based Harquin Creative Group. Detailed input from GSHH staff and a broad spectrum of council website users (who were surveyed during the early stages of the site’s development) provided guidance on what should be included and how easily accessible the information should be. This is the website’s first major overhaul since its creation in 2007.
The website’s layout is expansive and the color scheme is restful to the eye, relying largely on pastels as well as colorful photos of local Girl Scout activities and scenic Hudson Valley views. Pages offer key call-outs that guide visitors directly to the topic or information they are seeking.
The new website provides a wealth of information that will be frequently updated and which has already become a ready reference that is easy to navigate and fun to explore.


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