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Girls: Scouting For Future Dress Designers

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May 17, 2012

Nyack, NY - Girl Scouts from all over the Hudson Valley will try their hand at being dress designers in the second annual “Project Girl Scouts” event, a design competition for girls ages 11-17 who are members of area Girl Scout troops. Teams of Girl Scouts have been challenged to design a dress using materials from “tool kits” provided by the Palisades Center.

The 14 teams selected for the design competition will use the design elements in each kit to create their team’s season-themed dress. Winter, spring, summer and fall bags were randomly distributed at a Palisades Center kickoff meeting on May 2 and the teams have been working for the past two weeks on their design.  Only the materials in the tool kits could be used for their creation, aside from the addition of scissors, staplers and glue.  Each unique kit contained season-specific elements.  The project’s challenge is to have the girls create an attractive dress for the season, using shopping bags from Palisades Center vendors as the main material. The vendors’ bags provide a variety of design elements, some simple, and some elaborate.  The Girl Scout teams could choose to use only the bag handles, for example, or to use every bit of paper, vinyl and splash of color in their tool kit.


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