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Banking Information

TD Bank Fees

Effective with the November statements, TD Bank will no longer be offering no fee bank accounts on balances of less than $1,500.

For existing and new accounts, the months of July, August and September will have no fee. Otherwise, the fee will be $8.00 per month.  New accounts will continue to receive their first order of checks at no cost and additionally receive the first three months will be also be free.

Troop and Service Unit Bank Accounts

Every Girl Scout troop and community/service unit is required to maintain a bank account.  The account must be opened using the tax identification number of Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, Inc.It is mandatory that there are at least two non-related registered adult signers on the account.  In addition, an officer of the Corporation is also required to be an authorized party on the account.  The financial institutions that are currently authorized for troops and service unit bank accounts are as follows:

Please complete the Bank Account Request Form to request either a new account or to move your account to one of the financial institutions listed above.

If you have any questions, Maria Leone is the staff contact for all troop and service unit bank accounts.  She can be reached via email at

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

Request for sales tax exemption certificate: Please use this form to request a sales tax exemption certification to be used for purchases.  The staff contact for questions is Denise Lashley and she can be reached via email at

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