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Silver Award FAQs


1.  Who approves my project? Your mentor will approve your project.

2.  What’s the difference between a mentor and an advisor? A Silver mentor is someone who has been trained by council. It is there job to look over your project and make sure it meets all of the requirements and follows guidelines. They are the your go-to person when you have questions about what GSHH approves, if you need to make a change to your project, or if you need Girl Scout information. The mentor will also approve the project and once they have signed off on it, the girl can begin. At the end of the project, your mentor will need to review and sign off again before turning it into council.A Silver advisor is someone who is working with you on the physical project. For example, if you are working in a school it may be a teacher or guidance counselor, and if you are working for a non-profit organization it may be the owner or another volunteer. This person acts as your adult contact to make sure you are on-track with what needs to be done. They can help with scheduling, promotion, and answering project-based questions such as “what kind of paint would you like me to use?” and “can I book a classroom for an after-school program?”

3.  How do I get a mentor? Many Service Units have their own Silver mentor, but others do not. First, connect with your Service Unit Manager or ask at your next leader’s meeting. If there is no Silver mentor for your Service Unit, or you are unsure, send an e-mail to silveraward@girlscoutshh.org and we will be happy to connect you with someone.

4.  What is the difference between the project proposal and the application? Nothing. These words are used interchangeably throughout the workbook. When you download it from the forms page, you will see it listed as a project proposal.

5.  Where do I send my completed paperwork? By e-mail: silveraward@girlscoutshh.orgBy mail: GSHH   I   3 Neptune Drive   I   Poughkeepsie, NY 12601   I   Attn: Amanda Benton.

6.  Did you get my / my troop’s paperwork? When paperwork is received and processed, each girl will receive an e-mail at the address provided on the final report. Please double check the girl’s e-mail account. If you have not received an e-mail within one week of submitting, please resend.If paperwork is handed in, or mailed, to an office other than Poughkeepsie, please allow an extra two weeks for the paperwork for it to get to Poughkeepsie.

7.  Can my whole troop work on the same project? Up to 4 girls can work on one project. If working in a group, each girl must have in individualized role. Girls may also choose to work individually.

8.  Why can only 4 girls work on one project? With smaller groups, girls are more likely to take on leadership roles. In large groups, a few girls step up and take charge while others are just along for the ride. With smaller groups, girls are able to vocalize their opinions more easily and their decisions hold more weight.

9.  If I’m working in a group, how do we count our hours? If you are working in a group, each girl’s hours must be counted separately. You can only count hours spent working on your own portion of the project. An individual project should aim to have 50 hours. A group project with 4 girls should aim for 200 hours.

10.  What counts as hours? Any time when you are working on your project, you can count it as hours. Brainstorming, finding an advisor, and speaking with your mentor all count as hours. Up to 25% of your hours can come from fundraising. At least 20% of your hours should come from leadership and working with others. Helping another girl in your troop with her project does not count as hours.

11.  What are the deadlines? The project must be completed - including having the paperwork finished signed and turned into council, by September 30th of your freshman year. If you wish to attend the yearly November Silver Ceremony, final paperwork must be in by September 30th of that year. There is no deadline for project proposals.

12.  How do I know if I’ve completed the pre-requisites? The prerequisite for the Silver is to complete one Cadette-level Journey. The choices are MEdia, Breathe and aMAZE. The Journey is complete when you have completed each of the individual awards and done a Take Action project.Project Titles – A

13.  Reminder: Please do not forget to title your project and make this clearly known on your application and final report.

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