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Moving at the Speed of Girls

Sat Sep 23, 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM EDT
Fishkill, NY
$10.00 Non-Refundable
Senior, Ambassador

Join us this September for our annual volunteer conference. We know you work hard to be there for every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) who wants to stand up, take charge, and change the world, and were here to help you make that happen! With informational booths, hands-on activities, inspiring speakers, and educational workshops, this is your perfect chance to network with GSHH staff and volunteers from across the council. So whether this is your first year involved with Girl Scouting, or you’re an experienced leader, volunteer or delegate we invite you to discover something new at this year’s Moving at the Speed of Girls Volunteer Conference. Everyone’s welcome! The registration fee will cover a continental breakfast, lunch, breakout sessions,  gift for attending and our inspirational speakers. 

Please choose one session in Breakout 1 and 1 session during Breakout 2; we will need your T-Shirt size for your gift for attending the conference.

Break Out Session Descriptions:
Council, Service Units and Communities - How the Puzzle Pieces Fit Together 
          Service Units and Council are two pieces in the puzzle on keeping the Girl Scout mission alive and well within the lower Hudson Valley.  Service Unit Teams have a special role in connecting with parents, girls, elected officials, local media and other key stake holders in their local communities.
    This session will review all of the assets available to Service Units, tips on how to promote the Gold Award within your local community and an overview of the latest Girl Scouts Research Institute – The State of Girls 2017 and a new series being launched by GSHH, Community Conversations.

Recommended Audience: Service Unit Team Volunteers

Making Technology your Friend
    Come and meet the Troop Leaders free Digital Assistant! Manage your time, organize your technology and learn how to easily access an inventory of supportive technology designed especially for leaders. Are you familiar with MYGS, Doubleknot, eBudde, and Nutte and how they can help you complete essential functions like reserving properties and registering for program? Let us take you through the maze of applications that will save you time and help you lead a busy troop. 

Recommended Audience:   Troop Leaders & Co-Leaders

Girl Scouts A Full-Year Experience:
    As we encourage girls to embrace the inner Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk-taker and Leader, we have activities, events and opportunities that benefit girls, year-round.  This session is for Troop Leaders and Service Unit Team Members who want to be in the know about all that we can offer girls in Girl Scouting: ones that will make them well-rounded & successful and ones that girls will just plain enjoy!

Recommended Audience: Troop Leaders, Co-Leaders & Service Unit Team Volunteers

Begin at the Beginning!
    No matter where you are in your G.S. experience, returning to the basics can help you realize your potential. This session will be filled with information to help you succeed, whether it is your 1st cookie sale, 1st bridging ceremony, or 1st out-of-state trip! Every year Girl Scouts offers new experiences and opportunities.   Join us to review training, paperwork, resources, completing a background check, opening a bank account and how to get parents involved! 

Recommended Audience: Troop Leaders, Co-Leaders & Service Unit Team Volunteers

How to Build Your Dream Team
    This session will provide you with the steps to building your Troop and Service Unit.  You will gain the skills needed to ask parents and guardians to step into a volunteer position or to volunteer when extra help is needed.  We will provide you with available resources, and show you how to recruit both girls to your community and additional adults to help you build your dream team.  Troop Leaders will learn how to organize their Troop.  New Leaders will be provided the information to understand your role. By the end of this session, everyone will leave with the tools necessary to build a support team and be more confident in your volunteer role at GSHH!

Recommended Audience: Troop Leaders, Co-Leaders, Service Unit Teams & Recruiters

JOURNEYS & Higher Awards:
    Higher Awards in Girl Scouting often open up doors to our girls: scholarships for college, internships, and connections to some of the most successful people in business. The first step to earning any higher Award is competing at least one journey.  This session will provide a wealth of information on new national Journeys, GSHH sponsored Journey opportunities, and will give tips and strategies on how volunteers can support and encourage girls as take their leadership to the highest levels in Girl Scouting and their communities.
This will include information on Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Recommended Audience:
    Troop Leaders & Co-Leaders

Delegates & Alternate Delegate Session
    This is the first of 4 required meeting for Service Unit Delegates, Service Unit Alternate Delegates and National Delegates that will take place during the 2017-2018 membership year.  
Delegates and Alternates please join us for a morning full of information.  You will be welcomed by the National Delegates and members of the GSHH Board of Directors.   During both Session 1 and Session 2 your input will be welcome on the national proposals and the direction of the Girl Scout Movement.
     Members of the GSHH Board of Directors will be on hand to continue the conversation that was started at the  January, 2017 Delegate meeting  and the Board Survey that went out this summer to all of you and to all members of GSHH.
     Please sign up for Session 1 and Session 2 - as it will be one continuous conversation.

Recommended Audience:
    Service Unit Delegates  & Alternate Delegates