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New Troop Leaders 



New Leader Troop
Start-Up Guide

Congratulations! We’re excited you’ve decided to become a Girl Scout Troop Leader!

Below you’ll find a basic checklist that walks you through how to start your Girl Scout troop. If you have questions along the way contact Customer Care online or at 855.232.4744. Let’s get started!

Steps for Getting Started

  1. Get a Troop Number: Contact our Customer Care team online or call 855.232.4744, and ask for a Recruitment Manager.
  2. Register and Select Your Role: Become a Girl Scout Member. Enter your troop number when prompted to do so and select "leader" or "co-leader" as your role. You will be asked to pay the $25 membership fee.
    **If you are already a registered Girl Scout, go to your Member Profile (under the My GS tab), click Add Role, and select "Troop Leader" or "Troop Co-Leader".
  3. Complete Background Check: Within 24 hours of your registration, you will recieve an e-mail from Asurint with instructions on how to complete your background check. The cost is $6.25, and is valid for 3 years. Please do not share this link with others as it will be customized to you.
  4. Complete Training:  NOTE: Before you can meet with your troop, the following training must be completed. You may choose to take this training on-line, as a live webinar, or in-person.  To take this training as a webinar or in-person you can register through your member profile activity tab and select a training time and date. To complete the training online, follow the steps below
    •  View the 45 minute Girl Scouting 101 video 
    • Read Quick-Start Guide in Volunteer Essentials and look over Chapter 1 through Chapter 5.   You will need to reference back to these chapters  as needed.
    • Before you plan any activity with the girls check the Safety Activity Check Points
    • Read the Troop Start-Up Guide to learn Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Policies and Guidelines. 
    • Once you have completed the above on-line training requirements  you need to sign and email  the last page in the Troop Start Up Guide “I understand my responsibilities” to receive credit for training or fax it to 914-752-2488.
  5. Open a Troop Bank Account: Submit the Bank Account Request Form to GSHH Customer care at or fax to 914-752-2488.  
  6. Recruit Girls to Join: Girls and their families can join your troop via the online catalog.  New Troops are open in the catalog to start with 12 girls.  If you know you will have more girls joining your troop let your GSHH Recruitment Manager know to increase the space.  Make sure new girls and adults have your five digit troop number so they can register into your troop – please be sure to share it with them.