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Why Give to GSHH

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Did you know that when you donate money to Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, you help girls like us make our dreams come true? Sometimes money is used to help us go to camp, or to offer our leaders training free of charge, or even to make sure we all have vests so we can feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves.

Girl Scouting helps us feel like we're important, be with our friends, learn new things, and travel to new places. We also have lots of opportunities to help people - we get to make a difference in our communities and around the world! As a Girl Scout, we learn about the environment, run our own cookie business, meet new people, and gain skills you will needas an adult. We get to go on adventures, and it is so much fun.

And we want that fun to continue and to grow - to have more Girl Scout sisters, more opportunities to travel and explore, more outdoor activities, more lessons to learn, and more life-changing experiences.

Membership fees paid at the time of registration go directly to Girl Scouts of the USA which provides activity insurance, marketing and training resources, and national programming such as Digital Cookie.

So we're asking you -our family and friends - to donate to Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson. We know your girl means the world to you, and Girl Scouting means the world to her. We promise your donation will be put to good use!