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What Your Troop Earns

In addtion to the life and business skills earned through Nuts+Mags (the Fall Product Program), this sale helps the troop get money in their bank account early in the year, and helps girls earn cool patches and rewards.

FPS - Troop Earns

Quick Tips and Training Videos

Nut-e Webinar for Troops - Want help placing your candy/nut order in Nut-e?  This 40 minute training webinar is for you!

Fall Product Sale Info for Troops - This four minute video shows you the key features of the online system - how to create an avatar, how to manage multiple troops, tracking individual girl's sales, and helping your girls get their personalized patch.

What's New with Nuts+Mags (Fall Product Sale)? This five minute video will introduce you to our new "Share" program (sending nuts and candy to the military), streamlined magazine orders (online only), new customized patches, 2017 sale dates, and a review of how to set up their online platform and create an avatar.

SU Nuts+Mags Chair Webinar - This hour-long training is for Service Unit Nuts+Mags chairs and provides everything you need to know about our Fall Product Sale - from the new "Share" program to keeping track of sales in Nute and from new Avatar patches to how to submit your order.

Nuts+Mags Supports Troop Activities

We asked leaders how the Fall Product Sale has supported their troop's activities. Here are some answers:

  • As this was our troop's first year, the Fall Sales profit went to establish a troop checking fund. 
  • We bought supplies for holiday card making for persons in the St. Lukes Cornwall Hospital and fabric to make cat beds (pillows) for the animal shelter. 
  • They used their profit to create all their crafts, including making beautiful decoupaged glass candle holders for Mother's Day.
  • The troop went apple picking in the fall, and used profit so parents did to have to pay. 
  • They had a wonderful  tea party with tablecloths and decorated cupcakes, planted flowers in pots that the girls could grow at home, all as part of completing their Plant, Water, Grow Journey.
  • End of the year was celebrated with a dance party at a dance studio, complete with a piñata, all paid for with their product sales profit.
  • At the end of the year our girls celebrate our success with a pool party that they very much enjoy
  • We use the Fall Product Profit to take a trip of their choice every year
  • The leaders were happy that profit also paid for all the badges the troop had to buy!