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Nuts+Mags: Fall Sale

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10 Things You Should Know

What is Nuts+Mags?

“Nuts+Mags” is a council-sponsored product sale to family and friends of magazines, nuts, and candy.

What can my troop earn?

Early funds for your troop! They'll earn $1 for each nut/candy item and $2 for each magazine order

What's new with Avatars in 2017?

Girls can record their Avatar’s message in their own voice and there is an option for a spacesuit instead of Girl Scout uniform.

Do you have gluten free and kosher products?

Yes to both! Our order cards offers 13 Gluten Free and 15 Kosher products. They are marked as such on the card.

What do Girl Scouts learn from participating?

Girls gain life skills such as: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, Interpersonal skills, and Business Ethics

What if I, or one of my families, only speak Spanish?

The entire online experience is bilingual. Need additional help in Spanish? Contact Aurora at 914.747.3080 ext. 736.

Is there a "crossover" patch for the cookie sale?

We gain offer a “crossover” Avatar patch.  To qualify for it a girl must send 12 emails and create her Avatar during the Fall Sale.   Then she must sell 110 boxes on her Initial cookie order to earn the patch.

Are there collectible tins?

Yes! Both a Girl Scout tin and a holiday tin are available.

Will the nut/candy products arrive in time for holiday giving?

Nut and candy products will arrive between December 1st and 6th.

What is the "Share" Program?

A customer can purchase a can of nuts that will be donated and shipped to the military by Ashdon Farms.  Troops earn $1.00 for each can and these cans count toward the girls’ rewards.  There is also a special “Share” patch for girls who sell at least 5 cans donated to the military.