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Important Dates 2018

  • 3/18 Last day for March Booths / Troop Initial Order due in eBudde.  Click here for webinar with step by step instructions on how to enter our Initial Order
  • 4/6 Regular Booth Sale season begins
  • 4/7-14 Cookie deliveries
  • 5/2 Webinar on rewards, crediting girls with later sales
  • 5/7 First ACH sweep for cookies scheduled
    NOTE: This will include 50% of the troops initial order and any cookie cupboard orders placed through April 27th.  If funds will not be available please submit the 2018 Cookie Program ACH Extension and Discrepancy Form no later than May 4thClick here for the Cookie ACH Extention Form.  
  • 5/12 Last day of Regular Booth Season
  • 5/16 Council Cupboards Close/Rewards Order due in eBudde


Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in 2018?
  • We have changed the name of our cookie credits to Dough-Si-Dough.
  • Cookies for March Booth sales and reservations for council-sponsored mall booth sites will be done in eBudde through the “Pre-Season 2017” in the season dropdown tab.
  • Toffee-Tastics and S’Mores will be available for March booth sales.
Why should a girl and/or a troop participate?
  • Troops earn profit on each box of cookies sold.  This money will increase the troop treasury, supplementing dues.  The profits can be used to fund bigger and better troop activities than just dues would provide.
  • Girls can earn a variety of rewards, which are displayed on the order card or they can choose Dough-Si-Dough instead of most rewards.
  • Girls develop many life skills by participating – setting goals, teamwork, money management, presentation skills and people skills. 
  • Girls have FUN!
What can a troop earn?
  • Troops earn $.70 per box of cookies sold.  If the troop has a PGA (per girl average) of 110 boxes on their Initial Order, every box will earn $.75 per box profit.
Why do a booth sale?
  • Booth sales teach and reinforce skills like presentation, people skills, and money management.
  • Booths are fun for girls.
  • Booths are an additional way to add profit to your treasury.
  • Many people never have a girl come to their door with an order card and booths are a great way to reach these people – they are a win/win!
Can I purchase Girl Scout Cookies online?

You can purchase Girl Scout Cookies online if you know a Girl Scout who is participating in the Digital Cookie® platform. Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) launched the Digital Cookie platform, a fun, safe, and interactive space for girls to sell cookies, taking the iconic Girl Scout Cookie program digital. This enhancement adds a digital layer that expands and strengthens the ways girls learn five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Most Girl Scout councils offer girls the ability to sell cookies to their friends and family online and via mobile devices. To find out if the Digital Cookie platform is available in your area, visit for a list of participating Girl Scout councils. If you know a Girl Scout, tell her you're interested in becoming a Digital Cookie customer—and she’ll take it from there!

$4 for Traditional Varieties: Thin Mints®, Tagalongs®, Samoas®, Trefoils®, Do-si-dos®, Savannah Smiles®

$5 for Specialty Ingredient Varieties:   S'mores Cookie, Toffee-Tastic Gluten Free

We caution against purchases of Girl Scout Cookies found for sale online at auction and via community list sites, such as eBay and Amazon, because GSUSA, your local Girl Scout council, and our licensed cookie bakers cannot guarantee the freshness or integrity of these cookies. In many instances, these cookies are actually expired. Further, purchasing cookies in this way does not support Girl Scouts participating in the cookie program. 


Still have questions?

Our Customer Care team is equipped to answer most cookie-related questions.  Contact them at or 855-232-4744.  If they can’t answer, they will send your question to a member of the Product Sales Team.

More Info / Training

  • SU Cookie Chair Training
  • Troop Cookie Book
  • Digital Cookie Training - Perfect for both volunteers and parents who are using the DOC.
  • Superpower your Sale Now girls can take their Girl Scout Cookie business to the next level by using the Digital Cookie™ platform. Girls who paired Digital Cookie with traditional sales on average sold 76 percent more cookies than girls who did not sell cookies online. Getting started is simple. Look for your registration email or contact your council for more info

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