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What Summer Camp Gives Girls (2)

What Summer Camp Gives Girls

What Summer Camp Gives Girls:

Girl Scouts benefit immensely from their time outdoors: they experience personal growth and empowerment, try new things, overcome fears, and learn teamwork and leadership skills. The open space of the outdoors, combined with the calming effects of nature and the opportunities for new experiences and growth, constitute an ideal setting in which girls can explore, observe, learn, and give back to their peers and their communities. The inherent novelty and challenge of many outdoor activities also appeals to girls and can help them develop mastery, agency, and personal identity.

Girls who have GS Experiences at Camp:

72% of girls improved a skill
48% helped others do an outdoor activity
Are 2x as likely to take action to protect the environment

What do girls love about outdoor activities?

Hard fun – challenges, mastering skills, a sense of accomplishment
People fun – making friends and strengthening existing bonds
Nature fun – observing and interacting with the natural world

Furthermore, Camp is essential to our mission:

Courage. Camp is a community unlike any other. Together in an unfamiliar setting, girls find the courage within themselves to meet new people, make friends, and bond. As they make choices and direct projects, girls learn to work well with others, become self-reliant, and develop their leadership skills.

Confidence. For many girls, camp is their first experience away from parents, away from home, and away from familiarity. Camp thus has unlimited potential to unlock or boost a girl’s confidence.

Character. Camp is the ultimate character-building experience. It is a safe place for girls to learn individual responsibility, as they’re empowered to take care of themselves. Though camp counselors certainly provide structure, guidance, and supervision, a girl camper is responsible for waking herself and readying herself for the day, making her bed, being on time to activities, and assuming responsibility for personal belongings, often for the very first time.

Want to Know More?

 More Than S'mores was a report created by the Girl Scout Research Institute to outline all the benefits of outdoor exploration and education, especially through the summer camp experience.