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Elliot Wildlife Patch Program

elliot wildlife badge

Troops and individual girls can choose between 4 Great tracks to earn this patch!

Bird Watching: Use binoculars. Learn bird calls to   attract these amazing creatures. Get a hands-on experience with eggs and feathers. See what makes birds unique to the animal kingdom.

Tracking Wildlife: Explore the trails and find tracks of mammals from large to small. Learn what track patterns mean and make a take home guide to explore their own backyards.

Letterboxing: Find a hidden treasure by going on an adventure! A mix of hiking, puzzle solving, treasure hunting and rubber stamp artistry, topped off with the thrill of discovery.

Geocaching: A high-tech treasure hunting game played by adventure seekers using GPS devices. Find the hidden container (cache) by following the co-ordinates pre-programmed in the GPS devices provided. 

Why Register?

  • Backpack programs are Girl Scout age appropriate
  • Each Backpack comes complete with all materials needed for the program, including a trail map and specific programmatic directions.
  • Girls will earn the Elliot Wildlife Patch by participating in this program
  • Program is self directed so it can be scheduled at the troop’s convenience: afternoons, evenings, weekends

3 Easy Steps to Enjoy this Program

  1. Sign up for your Backpack experience at
  2. Provide 2 choices for dates and times to participate in this program
  3. Receive your email confirmation with arrival details and procedures