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Welcome to Daisies

Do you remember the first time you learned something new?  That’s what being a Girl Scout is like!

Girl Scout Daisies are our Kindergarten and 1st grade girls who explore their communities, try new games and activities, earn petals as they learn what it means to be a Girl Scout, partake in community service, sell our famous Girl Scout cookies, and have fun in the outdoors.

She'll have her first meeting, earn her first patch, go on her first troop trip, have her first taste of financial literacy, and make new best friends. With every new experience your girl has with her troop, she’ll learn about herself and the world around her – all with friends by her side.

Girl Scout membership is just $25!

To stay in the loop and get helpful tips are preparing your future kindergartener text 59618.

5 Ways to Get Ready for Kindergarten

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1. A little independence goes a long way. Start with some basics. Put on and take off shoes. Zip up her coat. Does she know how to navigate the bathroom independently at potty time? And remember, tights are tough. So is anything with lots of complicated zips, buttons, and snaps.

2. Get to know the school. Many schools set aside a day to let you get familiar with the classroom, so take advantage of the opportunity or ask to schedule a special visit. Get beyond the classroom - show your child the hallways, the bathroom, the library, and the playground.

3. Do a practice run. A few days before school starts, set the alarm for the new wake up time, visit the bus stop, or walk the route to school.

4. Take turns telling a story with your girl. Tell a piece pf the story as your child listens and ask her to pick up where you left off. It’s not only fun, but also really develops the listening and communications skills that will help her have a smooth transition into kindergarten. Reading bedtime stories is helpful too.

5. Kindness counts. Reinforce the skills that will help her make new friends by letting her know when you see those behaviors in action. Maybe she shared with a younger sibling or noticed someone was sad and tried to cheer them up? Let her know what a nice thing she did. And when kids aren’t kind? Make sure she’s just as comfortable as her brother is speaking up for herself and being her own advocate.

More Advice As She Prepares for her Big Day

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Joining Girl Scouts will give her the confidence and skills to adjust to new situations, like Kindergarten. And being part of the Girl Scout family will be a lifelong resource for both her, and the entire family.


Be the Role Model She'll Always Remember

Volunteers are needed to lead our Daisies.

As a volunteer, you’ll introduce girls to new experiences—and show them they’re capable of more than they ever imagined.

You’ll be their cheerleader, guide, and mentor, helping them develop skills and confidence that will last a lifetime. Imagine the smiles, the excitement, the memories made—those are the moments you’ll share as a Girl Scout volunteer.

Join the fun!


Girl Scouts is More Fun with Friends!


Invite your friends to join you in your new Daisy troop. Fill out the form below, and we’ll send a personalized email to your friends letting them know you want them to join the fun.


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