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2015 Gold Award Recipients and Project Descriptions

ACH Authorization Form for Troop Accounts

ACH Extension and Discrepancy Report 2015

ACH Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Insurance Request Form

Adult Awards & Recognition Information 2014
This booklet contains an overview of the various adult awards and recognition and the criteria for each.

Adult Girl Scout Record

Adult Learning Opportunities Spring 2015

Adult Membership Registration Form 2016

Adult Membership Registration Form Spanish 2016

Adult Volunteer Application

Annual Report 2009 - 2010

Annual Report 2010 - 2011

Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Annual Report 2012 - 2013

Annual Report 2013-2015

Aplicacion de Campamento

Application for Adult Volunteer

Appreciation and Honor Criteria and Forms

Bank Account Request Form

Bronze Award Guide for Adults - Spanish

Bronze Award Workbook

Bronze Award Workbook - Spanish

Business Certificate Forms

Camp Addisone Boyce Medication Form

Camp Application 2015

Camp Birch Ridge Map

Camp Ludington Map

Camp Rock Hill Map

Camp Wendy Map

Community Service Bar

Connections 2015 - 2016

Cookie Credit Card Form

Council Map

Delegate Position 2013-2016

Delegate-Alternate Delegate Profile 2013-2016

District All Delegate Meeting Notes February 2013

Family Annual Giving - Local Business Sample Letter

Family Annual Giving - Parent to Parent Sample Letter

Family Annual Giving - Service Unit - Local Business Bookkeeping Form

Family Annual Giving - Service Unit Bookkeeping Form

Family Annual Giving - Special Events Bookkeeping Form

Family Annual Giving - Timeline

Family Annual Giving - Troop Chair Instructions

Family Annual Giving - Troop Report Summary

Family Annual Giving Patch

Financial Assistance for Membership Request 2014

Girl Membership Registration Form 2016

Girl Membership Registration Form Spanish 2016

Gold Award Cookie Credit Use Form

Gold Award Final Report

Gold Award Workbook

GSHH Information Booklet

ID Cards

Individual Adult Record 2014

IRS Form 990 - 2009

IRS Form 990 - 2010

IRS Form 990 - 2011

IRS Form 990 - 2012

Membership Due Summary Spanish 2016

Membership Dues Summary 2016

Money Earning Activities Final Report

Money Earning Activity Application

New Camp Staff Employment Application

Online Membership Registration Demo

Optional Insurance Request Form

Outstanding Cookie Balance Form 2014

Parent Handbook 2015

President Award Criteria and Forms

Program Registration From

Program/Service Warehouse Application

Property - Girl Scout Cabin/House Request Form

Property Amenities At A Glance

Property Overnight Use Form

Rocky Brook Disclosure Letter

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Se Una Girl Scout 2014

Service Unit Camping Reservation Application

Service Unit Delegate Election Procedure 2013-2016

Service Unit Financial Report Excel Format

Silver Award Checklist

Silver Award Final Report

Silver Award Guide Adults - Spanish

Silver Award Project Proposal Form

Silver Award Workbook

Silver Award Workbook - Spanish

Silver Award Workbook Adults

Spanish Parent Permission Form

Stars of the Hudson Informational Brochure

Stars of the Hudson Manual Submission Form

Thanks and Thanks II Criteria and Forms

The Juliette Gordon Low World Friendship Medal

Tribute Alumnae List

Tribute Honoree List

Tribute To Women of Achievement Alumnae

Trip - Parent Permission Form

Trip Activity Notification Packet

Troop Camping Request Application

Troop Financial Report 2015 Excel Format

Troop Financial Report 2015 Word Format

Volunteer Application and CBC

Volunteer Essentials 2013-2014

Volunteer of Excellence Criteria and Forms