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Boost Sales with a Booth Sale!

A cookie booth is a great way to share Girl Scouting with your neighbors...And share the fun of cookies!

Booth sales are simple:  troops earn the same profit as during the Initial Order phase. And girls earn rewards for their sales.  Booth sales are the perfect avenue for finding new customers or giving girls a chance to sell if they could not participate during the Initial Order phase.  A parent can help the troop by organizing a booth sale.


1. Identify a spot that people frequent which might be a good booth spot.
2. Get permission from the location to sell there. 
3. Order cookies for the booth in eBudde.  (About 4-5 cases an hour is our estimate for a busy location.)  
4. Practice your girl’s pitch so they are comfortable with asking for the sale.
5. Teach girls they can ask customers if they’d like to donate a box to our councilwide effort for the military, Operation Cookie Drop.
6. Set up a table, decorate for attention.  Balloons and signs draw customers.
7. Bring change and a money box.
8. Smile!

Stay tuned for 2015 Booth Information!

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