Extreme Entrepreneur Awards

600 Club
Camp Addisone Boyce Carnival

carnival balloons.jpg

1000 Club
Afternoon Cruise areound NYC
cruise ship.png

1500 Club
A summer camp session at Rock Hill or a Kindle Fire

kindle fire.png


2000 Club
An iPod Touch
ipod touch.png

Extraordinary Entrepreneur
The top seller in the council
earns a Laptop! 

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2014 Inital Order Rewards!

Set your goal for boxes sold during the initial order taking period and earn these rewards.

Sell 100 + boxes
in your initial order and earn the Peace Love Cookies Necklace
peace love cookies necklace.png
Sell 125+ boxes in your intial order and earn the Peace Love and Cookies Water bottle & Sunglasses!
peace love cookies water bottle.pngpeace lkove cookies sunglasses.png

Sell 150+ boxes earn the Bling Heart Bracelet


bling bracelet1.png

Exceptional Entrepreneur


The girl with the most boxes sold during the  initial order will earn an
iPod Nano !


Cookie Credits are back!
Once a girl sells 75 boxes of cookies she begins to earn Cookie Credits!
They can be used in the GSHH Regional shops  to purchase these items plus many more!



Water Bottle.jpg

Journal_Open Closed 1.jpg


Satchel 2.png




will be

in the





Additional Things to do with your CookieCredits
  • Fees associated with troop and community trips and events.
  • Trips must be approved by GSHH and meet  GSUSA safety guidelines.
  • Community camping fees
  • Fees associated with GSHH programs.
  • Fees associated with GSHH summer camp and purchases made at camp trading posts.
  • Fees associated with GSUSA destinations.
  • The purchase of any item from the GSHH shop.  Exceptions:  earned awards and pins (Badges, Journey Recognitions,  Girl Scout Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards, etc.)
  • Costs associated with council-approved Gold Award project expenses.
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