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Do you want to sell more cookies?
Would you like to contact your customers online? 
The Girl Scout Cookie Club can help girls reach everyone on their list!

Click on the cookie club image to get started!


Troop leaders or troop cookie chairs can enroll their girls using this link.  Just enter girls’ names, and we suggest giving everyone the same, simple password (e.g. their school name, or troop number, etc.)
Then, make sure everyone knows about this easy to use email “ask” with photos and descriptions of the cookies.  This is a great way to contact hard to reach customers.  
Orders from Cookie Club average 5 boxes per order!

Note:  Orders through Cookie Club must be recorded on the girl’s order form.  The cookies are delivered to the troop and then to the girl, who must deliver and collect payment for the order.  If customers choose to donate cookies, girls need to  collect payment.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program 
is the largest girl-run business in the country.

Much more than a fundraiser, it’s a unique, hands-on way for girls to develop five essential skills that are core to the Girl Scout Leadership Program:

  • Goal-settingCookie Goal Setting 2.png
  • Decision-making
  • Money management
  • People skills
  • Business ethics

Why does it matter?
These skills will impact her personal and professional life in countless ways. Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, she will be someone who:

  • Sets goals and meets deadlines.  
    She knows what it takes and she can achieve anything she puts her mind to.
  • Works well with others to arrive at decisions.  
    Who wants drama and indecision on the work team? Not the boss!
  • Manages personal money and business finances.  
    For her, there is no mystery in the math.
  • Understands customers and can influence others.  
    She knows what makes people tick and how to win them over – for business or for social causes.
  • Is known to be reliable
    Everyone knows her to be honest and trustworthy. They can count on her!

Super Six
This year, Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson will offer the six most popular varieties. Learn about our Super Six here!

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