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The Girl Scout Cookie Program
is the largest girl-run business in the country.

Much more than a fundraiser, it’s a unique, hands-on way for girls to develop five essential skills that are core to the Girl Scout Leadership Program:

  • Goal-settingCookie Goal Setting 2.png
  • Decision-making
  • Money management
  • People skills
  • Business ethics

Why does it matter?
These skills will impact her personal and professional life in countless ways. Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, she will be someone who:

  • Sets goals and meets deadlines.  
    She knows what it takes and she can achieve anything she puts her mind to.
  • Works well with others to arrive at decisions.  
    Who wants drama and indecision on the work team? Not the boss!
  • Manages personal money and business finances.  
    For her, there is no mystery in the math.
  • Understands customers and can influence others.  
    She knows what makes people tick and how to win them over – for business or for social causes.
  • Is known to be reliable
    Everyone knows her to be honest and trustworthy. They can count on her!
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Girl Entrepreneurs
Girl Entrepreneurs
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