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Girl Scout Houses and Program Centers:

Betty Taubert Girl Scout House


Fanny Fay House


New Rochelle

Pleasantville Program Center

Port Chester

Rumsey Road Yonkers

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Pricing at a Glance


HousesDay UseOvernight fee
Betty Taubert
Scarsdale House *

Day: 100 Upstairs        
50 Downstairs

Overnight :
24 Downstairs

Fanny Fay*

$50Day use: 35
Overnight: 22
$50Day use: 60
Overnight: 25-30
New Rochelle*
$50Day use: 70
Overnight: 30-35
Port Chester*
$50Day use: 60
Overnight: 25-30
$50Day use: 50 each level
Overnight: 24
Yonkers/Rumsey Rd*
$50Day use: 50 
Overnight: 20
Addisone Boyce

Cabins only$3518
Rocky Ledges$1516
Unit fees incl. cabin & tents
Wonder Woods$75Tents: 36   Cabin: 18
Deer Run
$75Tents: 36   Cabin: 18
Hi Tor$75Tents: 36   Cabin: 18
Mount Marines 
Primitive Shelter
Arts & Craft Shelter
Clegg Hall (Dining Hall)
3 hour segment
Betty Parker Lodge* $30Day use: 20  
Overnight: 15
Fishkin Shelter $1025 each side

Iroquois & Cherokee


Martin Lodge*
Jungle, Tigerlily tent units
Dining Hall

Rock Hill

Cabins (A,B,C)*
Health Center*
Explorer, Frontier, Ranger, WoodlanderTent units

48 each
Forester Tent Unit$7548
Cabins (A,B,C)*
North Star
Outpost (primitive)


Dining Hall (3 hour segment)

*year round
For non-Girl Scout rental rates, please contact Administrative Assistant to Director of Property/Risk Management at (914)747-3080, ext. 777.

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