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2014 National Council Session 
53rd Convention

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October 16th - 19th 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, Inc. will begin electing delegates to represent the council at the 53rd National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah that will be held October 16-19, 2014.

National Delegates for Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson have the opportunity to attend and participate in meetings of the national body, represent local views, and take actions that are in the best interest of the Girl Scout movement throughout the nation. This is a chance to raise your hand and let your voice be heard! 

The number of delegates a council is allowed is determined by a membership based formula set forth by the Constitution of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America, found in the Blue Book of Basic Documents.

It is important for us to have representation from all corners of our geographic footprint. We urge you to seriously consider applying to be a delegate in the National Convention. It you have an interest in the future of this organization and helping us to keep it strong, then please consider this great opportunity to get your voice heard.

All volunteers and girls who will be 14 years of age by March 3, 2014 are eligible to apply.

2014 National Delegate Application Electronic Submission
2014 National Delegate Application Manual Submission

Complete and send your manual submission  application to: by the deadline of February 1, 2014. All applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee led by board member, Sandy Nagler. A final candidate slate will then be chosen to be formally interviewed by the Selection Committee.

More information coming soon!

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